How Can I Do A Background Check On My VA? – Practical Advice

How Can I Do A Background Check On My VA_

You don’t. You don’t because you can’t. We are so used to background checks here in the U.S. We have background checks for everything! For employment, for loans, for renting, for a bank account, even for volunteering! We have a system for this. So asking for background checks is easy. The Philippines doesn’t have this. They […]

Hiring A Writer? Ask Them These Questions – Practical Advice

Hiring A Writer_ Ask Them These Questions Feature

Content still remains king and finding a writer could definitely help you and your business. But finding someone to write for you can be tricky. I find that there is a little science to it, though. If you’re looking to hire a writer, start by asking questions. Do you like to read? What are you reading? What […]

How To Make The Time Difference Work For You? – Practical Advice

How To Make The Time Difference Work For You_ Feature

One of the issues that some business owners have with outsourcing is the time difference between the US and the Philippines. So, how do you make it work? Depending on where you are, you might have as little as 3 hours or as long as 15 hours difference. However, that won’t matter that much when […]

How To Handle Passwords With Your OFS – Practical Advice

How To Handle Passwords With Your OFS

The idea of sharing passwords with someone over the internet is off-putting, if not downright scary. After all, passwords are sensitive information. Is there a way to share passwords safely?  There is! This video will talk about sharing your passwords safely with your OFSs. Want more tips like this? We have more! Head on to our outsourcing […]

My First Outsourcing Mistakes – Practical Advice

My First Outsourcing Mistakes

I knew nothing about outsourcing when I started, so hiring through an agency is the way to go.  That’s one mistake right there — hiring through an agency. That’s right. I once used an agency to outsource people. To tell you the truth, the first and the second hire didn’t end up well. I didn’t […]

How to Build Your Business Differently With An OFS – Practical Advice

How to Build Your Business Differently With An OFS Feature

The pandemic has been on us for two years now. It’s been hard for everyone, but I’m still thankful despite that. Do you know what I’m thankful for during the past two years? It’s shown remote working is doable for any industry. Because of this, many business owners have realized that outsourcing can do so […]

Why natural disasters happen regularly in the Philippines? – Practical Advice

Why natural disasters happen regularly in the Philippines Feature

The Philippines is prone to typhoons. There are about 20 typhoons that visit the country per year on average. Towards the end of 2021, a powerful and catastrophic tropical cyclone, Super Typhoon Rai, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Odette, struck the Philippines.  On December 16 and 17, Super Typhoon Rai made landfall on over […]

Can you recommend someone for me? – Practical Advice

Can you recommend someone for me_ feature

The short, simple answer is no. Why? Because once we find a great OFS, we keep them. We hire someone good and train this person for our businesses. We didn’t go through all that work to recommend that OFS to someone else.  Do you know who gives recommends people to us? Our OFSs. Yes. When […]

Do Brownouts happen often in the Philippines? – Practical Advice

Do brownouts happen often in the Philippines Feature

Brownouts are common in the Philippines. Well, it’s actually a blackout. The term “brownout” comes from the dimming of incandescent lighting when the voltage reduces.  Brownouts are unintentional or intentional drops in the amount of voltage an electrical grid puts out. This reduction in electrical power happens when there is increased use of electricity and […]

Hiring an OFS without making mistakes – Practical Advice

Hiring an OFS without making mistakes

The question isn’t if you should outsource; it’s how to do it. When I first started outsourcing, I outsourced through an agency. The agency provided the VA. They have a pool of people that they have vetted ready to work. After a week, the first VA they provided quit, saying that he didn’t know how […]