Podcast (Business Lifestyle Legends)

Leading The World of Remote Work and _Insourcing_ with John Jonas

Check the Podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/ph/podcast/business-lifestyle-legends-podcast/id1549684603?i=1000511173594 Onlinejobs.ph has grown A LOT since it first started. Want to know how it started out as something I created so I can recruit online Filipino specialists for myself into a platform being used by millions of Filipinos and thousands of employers worldwide? I talk about it in this podcast interview […]

Case Study: Web Design VAs and Filipino Developers – Johannah Barton

Case Study- Web Design VAs and Filipino Developers - Johannah Barton

Johannah Barton is the creator of Confetti Design, a web design and development company in Melbourne, Australia. Johannah has been using OnlineJobs.ph for the past ten years and has great wisdom to offer outsourcing entrepreneurs who are ready to hire their next Filipino VA.  Tell us about your business Confetti Design is a Digital agency […]

Do I Need to Respond to Every Job Applicant on OnlineJobs.ph? – Practical Advice

Do I need to respond to every job applicant on OnlineJobs.ph

No, you don’t need to. Feel free to ignore garbage applications. Those one sentence applications. The ones who obviously don’t know what they’re doing. Ignore those. Delete them. Likely these are new to the site who are just trying things out (not serious applications) or they’re scammers. You may also receive form or template applications. […]

My Worker’s Productivity Dropped, What Do I Do? – Practical Advice

My workers productivity dropped, what do I do

“Hey, I hired a couple people and they started out great. But after a month, I noticed that their productivity dropped to the point that they’re only working half of what they used to.” I asked my Filipino team why this happens.  They’re bored. If you give them a super monotonous job, they could be […]

Podcast (Mike Barron)

Mike Barron

Mike Barron overcame a lot of things to get to where he is today. He’s living proof that your past is not an obstacle to future success.  In addition to his story, what makes Mike such a respected marketer is he practices what he preaches. He has his own fitness business. He knows what works […]

Bonuses and Gifts – Practical Advice

Bonuses and Gifted

I got an email a while ago asking how they can send gifts or bonuses to their Filipino workers. Coincidentally, one of my workers just got married. As a gift, we gave him $150 and extra days off for his honeymoon. This got me thinking what else can you do if you want to send […]

Most In-Demand Jobs for 2021

Most In-Demand Jobs for 2021

2020 has been a tough year for most of us. Thankfully, 2021 looks promising. The vaccine is finally here, and the economy is recovering slowly. In fact, we’re starting to see a growing demand for online Filipino specialists. We asked our HR specialist, Hazel, on her predictions on what would be the most in demand […]