Podcast (Success In Mind)

I had the pleasure of speaking with Teri Holland on her podcast, Success in Mind.  Success in Mind is a motivational podcast for high-performing entrepreneurs ready to take their business and their life to the next level.  This conversation is pretty special since she admitted that she does not have an Online Filipino Specialist and […]

Finding And Keeping Highly Technical OFS – Practical Advice

Ever heard the misconception that outsourcing is limited to data entry? Think again. I come across skeptics all the time. “Can you really find a talented programmer or accountant?” Absolutely! You can snag top-notch accountants, investment banking analysts, marketing directors, senior programmers, systems admins, UI designers, and even CAD engineers. OnlineJobs.ph is your gateway to […]

Iryn Wee: A Spanish-Speaking OFS’s Journey to Success

Meet Iryn Wee, a 40-year-old Filipino specialist from Cavite, Philippines. She works as a bilingual virtual assistant, catering to a real estate and construction company based in Houston. Her tasks revolved around bookkeeping, project management, collections, and general VA, all conducted in Spanish. Iryn believes in the value of integrity and goes the extra mile […]

More Tips About Hiring An OFS For Tax Businesses – Practical Advice

If you don’t know yet, I have a newsletter being sent out to subscribers. They are customers and business owners interested in getting an OFS, but want to learn more first before committing. If you want to subscribe to this newsletter, just sign up for an Onlinejobs.ph employer account. One great thing about these newsletters […]

Too Overwhelmed To Think About Hiring – Practical Advice

In the fast-paced business world, feeling swamped with tasks, drowning in emails, and overwhelmed by your to-do list is not uncommon. But here’s the kicker: Hiring someone might be the key to easing that overwhelming burden. When I used to think, “I have so much to do, how can I find the time to recruit […]

Why Onlinejobs.Ph Isn’t Like Fiverr Or UpWork – Practical Advice

You might be wondering why OnlineJobs.ph follows a path different from online employment giants like Fiverr and Upwork, but the answer is clear – I’ve consciously designed OnlineJobs.ph to cater to the needs of both employers and workers effectively. Many platforms thrive on short-term, high-turnover projects, taking a cut of workers’ earnings and imposing strict […]

Why You Should NOT Do A Phone Call With A Potential OFS – Practical Advice

Ready to start outsourcing? When hiring Rockstar VAs from the Philippines, or Online Filipino Specialists (OFS), scheduling live Zoom interviews might seem like the standard approach. However, this practice often leads to several challenges.  Consider this scenario: you have ten applicants and plan video interviews with them. Here’s what frequently occurs: Some applicants are hesitant […]

You Don’t Know If You Can Keep An OFS Busy – Practical Advice

One common concern when considering hiring is the fear of not having enough work to keep someone busy. It’s a hesitation I understand because I had it too in the beginning. I was not sure I could keep someone busy, among other concerns like affordability and quality of work. However, this concern is more about […]

OFS Day Out

I absolutely love hearing about my OFS adventures. They trust me enough to share their experiences when they are not working. A few weeks ago, one of my OFS, Vincent, went out of town on an adventure with his family. His brother-in-law flew in from abroad, and they decided to go on an unforgettable vacation. […]

My OFS Meet in Person

After years of working together remotely, it finally happened – my incredible OFS came together in person for the very first time! Picture this: a bunch of talented individuals, scattered across the Philippines, now sitting, together and gathered around a big dinner table, sharing stories and laughter. I can only imagine it to be a […]