Greenday and Blink 182: The Filipino Video Editor who Loves Music

JayJay is an Online Video Editor, and his story started in a small town where challenges are a daily reality. But no matter how hard life became, his mother was determined to make education a priority, so instead of buying food with the little money they had, she gave it to Jayjay for his tuition instead.

JayJay has always been creative. In college, he actually joined a band! And then he discovered his love for videography – his hobby of taking videos became a passion for video editing. This is how he became an Online Filipino Specialist. 

Before becoming an OFS, he was working as a railway engineer. Then the pandemic hit. The death of three teammates due to COVID-19 made him realize the danger and reality of his profession’s risks. He left soon after.

Fast forward to today, JayJay is now a successful OFS, an online video editor, for a boss he’s happy to work for.

JayJay’s journey proves that with determination and the right opportunities, anyone can overcome life’s obstacles and be great.

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  1. Alma Pabustan says

    Hi, I am interested and applying for this position – PSDS1 Virtual Assistant. Please find herewith my resume attached for your reference.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.


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