Maternity Leave for an Online Filipino Specialist – Practical Advice

586 Maternity Leave for an Online Filipino Specialist (OFS) Feature

It’s time for another practical outsourcing advice! This is one of the many installments for this series of tips and advice where I share what I know about outsourcing, particularly, outsourcing to the Philippines. Let’s talk about maternity leave. Do you know that women in the Philippines are entitled to 105 days of paid maternity […]

Case Study: Virtual Assistants for Ecommerce with Brenda Albano

Virtual Assistants for Ecommerce withBrenda Albano Feature

Brenda Albano is the owner of, and She started back in 1998, when Ecommerce was still in its infant stages. Brenda grew her businesses from the ground up while raising and homeschooling five children. Today, Whole Family Products and Beyond Fertility continue to thrive with help from a dedicated team in the […]

What To Do When a VA’s Family Member Dies? – Practical Advice

585 What To Do When A VA's Family Member Dies_  Feature

Death is hard. This is especially true in the Philippines. Filipinos have very close family ties, and when there’s a death in the family, they have to be there. It doesn’t matter if they live close by, or if they have to travel by land, sea, and air for two days. They have to be […]

Where to Hire a personal assistant? – Practical Advice

Where to hire a personal assistant Feature

With the pandemic, more people are working virtually. And they’ve realized that they can actually outsource the work that they’ve been hiring locally before. Nowadays, business owners aren’t the only ones who are outsourcing. The number of people who need an assistant is growing fast, especially because of COVID-19.  When I started outsourcing, I didn’t […]

Case Study: VAs for Podcasting – Mentor Nation Podcast with John Abbas

VAs for Podcasting - Mentor Nation Podcast with John Abbas

John Abbas is a native of Nashville, Tennessee and the creator of Mentor Nation Podcast. John Abbas grew up “super poor” in Nashville, TN. He didn’t know anything about business or money, but he knew he didn’t want to be dependent on his parents for any kind of support.  One day in his  high school […]

Who hires Virtual Assistants? – Practical Advice

574 Who hires virtual assistants

People ask me, “Who are hiring VA’s in the Philippines?” My very first hire from the Philippines still works for me. That’s loyalty. And that’s exactly what you get when you outsource to the Philippines. A lot of people think that big companies hire VAs. And that’s true — Google, Canva, Uber, and a lot […]

Why Hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant? – Practical Advice

560 Why Hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant Feature

When I started outsourcing, I didn’t know anything about outsourcing. Like many business owners, the first thing I did was hire a VA through an agency.  It was the owner of who steered me into outsourcing to the Philippines. When I asked why, he answered, “When people in the Philippines say ‘yes’, it means […]

Podcast (2021 Cookie Cutter BNB Summit)

short-term rental industry thumbnail

Check the Podcast here: Michelle Russell hosted the Short Term Rental Revenue Podcast. This show was created to empower people to build their own STR business and potentially create a passive income. It’s where you’ll learn what STRs are and how to run one, even if you don’t have a rental property of your own. […]

How to Hire a VA for Internet Marketing? – Practical Advice

How to Hire a VA for Internet Marketing Feature

Internet marketing is the process of promoting your business and your products or services over the internet. It is the most inexpensive way to reach your target market, regardless of the size of your business. Internet marketing is a business’ bestfriend! But internet marketing could be a lot of work, and it requires serious skills. […]

How to Hire a Filipino Bookkeeper? – Practical Advice

544 How to Hire a Filipino Bookkeeper_

Bookkeeping is the process of recording and organizing a business’s financial transactions. It is also one of those routine and boring jobs that you as a business owner, don’t have to do yourself. You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you’re still the one doing the bookkeeping. Hiring a Filipino bookkeeper is one of the […]