Posting a Job vs Searching Resumes – Practical Advise


The reason I created is because I wanted to give myself and other business owners the best platform to find the right virtual assistant for their business. And once you use our website, you’ll see that there are 2 ways you can go at it. You can either post a job or search for […]

9 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines


Even through a hurricane, your business won’t stop running as long as you have a virtual assistant by your side. Seriously, that was what happened in this video. Paul Lipsky of was prepping for a category 5 hurricane. He had no time to work on his million dollar dropshipping business. But thanks to his team […]

How to avoid the middleman and hire Filipino workers direct? Practical Advise


Outsourcing is hassle free when you outsource through an agency! This is how agencies love to market themselves. They use convenience as a justification for exorbitant prices and the work they put in managing your virtual employees. But is it really hassle free? Is it convenient when you can’t train your Virtual Assistant directly or […]

What Kind Of Virtual Assistant Should You Hire First? Practical Advice


Last time I talked about when to know if you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant. For this video, we start talking about who to hire first. Most people go into outsourcing in the beginning to hire an “expert”. It makes sense. If there’s something in your business that you don’t know how to do, […]

How And When To Hire Your Own Team


Dominic Wells of Onfolio.Co recently wrote a blog post talking about how and when to hire your own team and they brought up some really good points. Dominic Wells At first it may seem odd that they’re writing about something that would go against their business model. But the great thing about this post is […]

When Are You Ready To Hire A VA? Practical Advice


Outsourcing is one of those things that most people say they know how to do, but in reality, most can’t do it correctly. It’s a lot like singing. We’re all taught to sing as kids. But if we’re completely being honest, not everybody can do it. To sing well, you have to: Find your vocal […]

Where to Find Rockstar VAs? Practical Advise

preview-full-Where-to-Hire-Rockstar VAs

  There are advantages to hiring virtual assistants locally. But if we look at the cost, you’re going to have to shell out a lot to find somebody good. Or you can outsource and find somebody from the Philippines. Why the Philippines and not India? Well, India is a great place but if you’re outsourcing […]

Breaking Free From The Cubicle With


Ever felt suffocated working in an office? That’s what Erica felt when she imagined working in a cubicle for the rest of her life. Like any young woman, she wanted freedom and adventure. But as a responsible daughter, she got the usual call center job out of college to help out her parents.  She thought […]

Dropshipping Success With Virtual Assistants


Sarah Crisp of Wholesale Ted is passionate about dropshipping and online selling. She’s so passionate about her business that at 27 years old, she’s been able to so many things that other people her age could only dream of. Among them are: Make seven figures from dropshipping  Have a successful YouTube channel with over 280,000 […]