Can Your OFS Recruit For You? – Practical Advice

So, you’re considering hiring another Online Filipino Specialist (OFS) for your team, but the idea of doing all the work and recruiting is too much. I completely understand where you’re coming from. But here’s something interesting that comes up quite often: Can you have your trusted team member handle the recruitment for you on […]

Podcast (Running the Bases w/ Randy Rodhe)

Link: Randy Rohde is the host of the Running the Bases with Small Businesses podcast. He combines his fondness for baseball and working with small businesses. He has conversations with local entrepreneurs, business builders, and small business owners to discuss their successes and failures, their essential tools, and offer practical tips to fellow business-builders.   […]

Podcast (Unconventional Life with Jules Schroeder)

  Other Links: Apple Podcast & Spotify The Unconventional Life Podcast is a top-rated show that features some amazing people who have taken the road less traveled to success. We’re talking entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, and thought leaders who have found unconventional ways to thrive in their careers. They’re living proof that success can be redefined, and […]

Hiring Newbie Workers – Practical Advice

Is one of the reasons you’re not outsourcing because you’re worried you won’t find anyone experienced and highly skilled? Why not take a chance on newbies? I get why experienced workers are always the first choice – it’s because we think that “experienced” means “skilled”. Let me tell you, that is only sometimes the case. […]

Aaron Hall: Outsourcing to the Philippines, Is It Right for Your Business

Have you ever thought about outsourcing some of your tasks to save time and money?  You are definitely not alone. Outsourcing has become a popular option for businesses of all sizes, and for good reason! I recently received a video from Aaron Hall, an attorney for business owners and entrepreneurial companies, and provides these educational […]

Why Your OFS Doesn’t Want To Take A Vacation – Practical Advice

Do you have an OFS who just doesn’t want to take some time off? Believe me, my OFS are the same. At, my OFS have unlimited paid time off, and they know this. We encourage work-life balance so they can go on holidays, spend some time with their families, etc. Despite this, none of […]

How My OFS Help With Lead Generation – Practical Advice

Lead Generation is all the rave now. Businesses pay money for marketing and pulling in potential customers, and they do it everywhere! Business owners often ask me what my OFS do to help me with lead generation. First, I just want to let you all know that my business is absolutely different from yours, and […]

Is Your OFS Making Mistakes? – Practical Advice

Mistakes are normal, it’s a part of life. Yes, mistakes can lead to failure, but it is how you approach the job that will determine success. When your Online Filipino Specialist is the one making mistakes, though, it is extra frustrating knowing that they are making these mistakes and failing at your expense. There is […]