Gifts, Electronics, and Shipping to the Philippines

Filipinos love receiving gifts. Everyone does. It makes us feel valued and appreciated.  When your Online Filipino Specialist feels appreciated, they are more loyal to you and your company and will work twice as hard to help you succeed. You also get to experience the vicarious thrill of receiving the gift and the feelings of […]

Fostering Open Communication with Your OFS

Fostering Open Communication with Your OFS

How important is communication in a remote team? The answer is simple: It builds trust. Filipinos are highly efficient and often require minimal supervision. However, they do still need some feedback for their tasks, especially the more challenging ones. As the client, they expect you to let them know if they did a good job. […]

Let’s Talk Business: What’s the ROI on Hiring an OFS?

What's a good return on investment when hiring an OFS

Thanks to hiring a reliable Online Filipino Specialist, your business is on track to a good return on investment for this year. This then begs the question: What has your OFS invested their salary on so far? For Jeydi, her income as an HR Software Sales Representative has made it possible for her to invest […]

How Much Of A Raise Should You Give Your OFS?

Salary increase

It goes without saying that a salary increase will most definitely motivate an OFS to work harder and be more loyal to your business.  Online Filipino Specialists are often too shy to ask for a raise. But when they do, that means they’ve already mulled the decision over a hundred times in their minds. They’ve […]

Creating a Space for VAs to Thrive: A Case Study

Clay Boootcamp logo

Nathan Lippi on Finding and Nurturing VAs with Limitless Potential Nathan Lippi is the founder of, a tool that teaches agencies how to optimally use for their own business and their Clients’.  “ is a tool that helps people do automated outbound email campaigns that normally a salesperson would have to do; but […]

It’s a Long Holiday Weekend: Is Your OFS Unresponsive? Here’s Why…

Holy Week and Ramadhan

This year, the end of March marks two important occasions in the religious history of the Philippines: This is a sort of convergence for the two biggest religions in the country – it’s the month when both Muslims and Christians were fasting, albeit in slightly different ways. Lenten Traditions that Your OFS May Engage In […]

Finding the Balance: Can Your SEO Writer Do This?

Hercules Reyes - SEO Writer

“It’s not much, but it’s home.” And isn’t home the main goal for every hardworking person? is home to millions of Online Filipino Specialists, with real people and real stories to share.  Let’s get to know one of these OFS’s, Hercules.  Hercules is an SEO writer and Digital Marketer who has cultivated his love […]

From Homeless to Homeowner – A Filipino Financial Analyst’s Success Story

Homeless to HomeOwner: JP Dela Cruz takes pride in our platform’s Online Filipino Specialists. They are real rockstars, each with his own unique story of survival.  Come with us as we go on a tour of an Online Filipino Specialist’s home, and the inspiring life story that goes with it.  Each step that we take inside JP’s home is a […]

Motherhood or Career? Your Choice is as Good as Your Filipino VA’s

Motherhood or Career?

Picture this: the early wake-ups at 3 a.m., the marathon commute, and missing precious family moments. As a mom, this hits hard – Jehan wants to be there for her kids during their crucial growing-up years. So, in 2014, she packed her family’s bags and returned home. In their early days back home, Jehan’s husband […]