From Homeless to Homeowner – A Filipino Financial Analyst’s Success Story takes pride in our platform’s Online Filipino Specialists. They are real rockstars, each with his own unique story of survival. 

Come with us as we go on a tour of an Online Filipino Specialist’s home, and the inspiring life story that goes with it. 

Each step that we take inside JP’s home is a step into a dark childhood marked by betrayal from the one person JP trusted the most – his mother. Let’s listen closely as JP describes the highly anticipated party at a McDonald’s place, that turned into an unforgettable experience at an orphanage. 

JP currently resides in Bagong Silangan. A rough translation of his neighborhood’s name would be ‘newborn’, and a metaphorical English equivalent would be ‘a fresh start’. This is a reflection of JP’s own life story as an OFS. It reflects how he was able to find clients on – clients that have given him the means to make a fresh start. A way to avoid repeating the cycle of poverty on his son. 

He has taken huge strides away from the constraints of a financially strapped childhood. But more than that, JP has also taken great strides to mend the broken pieces of his past by fostering a good relationship with his mother. 

JP has planted the seeds of financial freedom for his son while handling the financial needs of his Agritech client in Canada. He is healing the trauma of his inner child by creating a better future for his child.

JP’s story is just one of many OFS stories that inspire us to keep doing what we do. Want to hear more? Check out Aron’s story for a fun read on websites, tattoos, motorcycles, and everything in between. 

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