Do OFS Just Work 24/7? An OFS WordPress Developer with Motorcycles and Tattoos

Get to know Aron starting with his cozy apartment – humble and easy to keep clean. Aron’s a WordPress Developer for Stephanie, a wildlife biologist-turned-career coach, with a mission to guide emerging biologists – and he’s over the moon to be a part of it.

In his living room, you’ll find vintage furniture with stories from his grandma, older than Aron himself. 

Aron’s workspace and bedroom go hand-in-hand. Having his tech haven and bedroom in the same space is convenient for this WordPress developer. This is where he worked his magic on turning Stephanie’s blog into a fully-fledged website.

Beyond the technology and websites, Aron’s all about weekends and motorcycles, cruising Pampanga on his Yamaha Sniper 150 and hitting the road with friends. 

A tattoo enthusiast, Aron has a tribute to Full Metal Alchemist, a reminder of time’s unyielding march, and a nod to Mother Nature. Oh, and one tattoo remains a mystery – because who doesn’t love a little intrigue?

Aron is thankful to for making the gig life he adores possible. Work and play seamlessly blend within the four walls of his home, making it the sweetest work-life balance he’s ever experienced.

Aron isn’t the only one who has found the life he wanted through There are others; some may be people you know and are just staying on the down low. Here’s another OFS story for you: JayJay’s story.


  1. Eleonor belgira says

    I just want tnk u advance if u willing to accept me as a new members to ur team I promise that I we’ll do my best to my work and I willing to learn more and more.

  2. Jersontiano says

    Keep it up focus on work
    God will always here,to watch and give straight to success someday im so proud of you sir arón

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