Motherhood or Career? Your Choice is as Good as Your Filipino VA’s

Picture this: the early wake-ups at 3 a.m., the marathon commute, and missing precious family moments. As a mom, this hits hard – Jehan wants to be there for her kids during their crucial growing-up years. So, in 2014, she packed her family’s bags and returned home.

In their early days back home, Jehan’s husband stepped up as the sole provider while she hustled her way as an online content writer, pulling in 300 to 600 pesos every few days. Money was tight – so tight that they even had to pawn their wedding rings! She even had to work with her smallest child strapped to her body when she had to go to an internet shop whenever her gadgets at home were not working.

In 2016, she got a game-changing client at This time, she decided to take it slow, relish the joys of motherhood, and improve the freelancing skills she learned from her mentor.

Fast forward to today – guess who’s a thriving Project Manager and the president of the Zamboanga IT Council? Yup, our girl, Jehan! She’s now planning mentoring sessions for those eager to enter the world of virtual assistants or become WordPress wizards.

Jehan’s real success? It’s not just financial; it’s the laughter, bonding, and communication with my kids. Working online has allowed her to live her dreams.

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  1. Rociel Dimaculangan says

    I am a mom of a girl with Autism. An accountant with eight years of experience in BPO. I am looking for an opportunity to work online as a bookkeeper. I took an online course to learn QuickBooks and got certified. I hope you can help me get client soon.

  2. Carine Clarion says

    I am a mother with a baby girl have an EPILEPSY GTC illness I need a work online to help my partner to buy a maintenance for my baby ..

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