Practical Advice 190: Spencer’s “Imperfect Action” Hiring Process

I totally get it; hiring can be intimidating, and sometimes, procrastination sets in. But let me tell you, if you’ve been holding off since episode eight and now find yourself at episode 329, we might need to chat.

Now, let me introduce you to Spencer. This guy listened, took action, and guess what? He just hired his first Online Filipino Specialist (OFS)! And no, he didn’t wait until episode 329. 

Spencer’s story is a rollercoaster of 71 applicants, four rounds of questions, and a tough decision-making process. But the kicker? His favorite line: “Imperfect action executed violently today is better than a perfect plan next week.” Preach, Spencer!

I completely agree with Spencer’s approach. No fancy phone calls or video interviews – just email rounds with consistent questions. And here’s a golden nugget: avoid drowning in 71 applications – create your job post to attract the right folks from the get-go.

Now, flashback to my first hire in 2005. Scared? Absolutely. Ready? Not really. Did I make mistakes? You bet. But here’s the beauty – I got a lot of things right, gained time back, and that hire is still with me today.

And that is why I developed – to save you from the same trial-and-error journey. 

Take Spencer’s lead, embrace the imperfect action, post that job, start interviewing, and let the magic happen. Your future self will thank you! So grab the reins, seize the moment, and hire someone in the Philippines. Your game-changing OFS could be one job post away. 


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