Cold Caller VAs for Real Estate: A Case Study

We had a chat with Josh Heinz, the mastermind behind the Impact Home Team Real Estate Investment Company in Baltimore, Maryland. Josh spilled the beans on how hiring Filipino virtual assistants (VAs) to do cold calling reshaped the trajectory of his career, bringing in a wave of positive changes.

Getting Started in Real Estate

Josh began his real estate journey about six years ago with a simple yet revolutionary tool – the Mojo Dialer. Cold calling became his forte, especially after discovering the goldmine of vacant houses. Armed with a list and a dialer, he hit the jackpot, sealing his first deal. However, it wasn’t until his wife encouraged him to take the leap into full-time real estate that Josh realized the potential for growth.

Enter Filipino Virtual Assistants

With his success and workload piling up, Josh needed a solution. Tim Ferriss’ “Four Hour Work Week” opened his eyes to the world of virtual assistants. Enter, a game-changer for Josh. With a virtual assistant making calls for him, he quickly grasped the power of delegation.

The Filipino Cold Calling Team

Fast forward to today, and Josh has assembled a dream team of Filipino virtual assistants. Two are dedicated cold callers, targeting prospects from lists of vacant houses, free and clear properties, and more. Another focuses on outbound SMS, while two handle follow-ups with leads in their CRM. Additionally, Josh has a personal assistant managing marketing tasks and more, bringing the total to six virtual assistants.

Advice for Real Estate Professionals

Josh’s advice for those entering the real estate business is clear: start with cold callers. Having a virtual assistant tackle lead generation allows you to focus on high-value tasks. Beyond that, Josh emphasizes the importance of outsourcing repeatable and scalable tasks. Whether it’s scheduling, email marketing, or data entry, Filipino VAs can handle it all.

Attracting the Right Talent

When it comes to hiring, Josh shares his secret sauce. Crafting a compelling job post that reflects company values is crucial. He recommends asking applicants to write one line on why they’re qualified and another on their desired pay. This simple step filters out the committed candidates. To further narrow down, Josh uses a video response task, separating those who truly stand out.

Key Attributes in Filipino Candidates

Josh looks for three key attributes: boisterous communication, reliability, and ambition. Given the cultural tendency to be reserved, he seeks individuals who can confidently engage in two-way communication. Reliability is non-negotiable, especially considering challenges like power outages. Lastly, ambition is crucial – Josh values candidates who aspire to grow beyond their initial roles.

Effective Communication and Team Building

Despite the miles between them, communication with his Filipino team is seamless. Skype is the primary tool, supplemented by weekly video huddles. This fosters a sense of teamwork and connection, making the virtual assistants feel integral to the company’s success.

Learn from Mistakes

Josh acknowledges the importance of learning from mistakes. Early on, he hired individuals who didn’t align with the roles assigned to them. Understanding the personality profiles suitable for different tasks is key to successful outsourcing.

Filipino Virtual Assistants: A Win-Win

In closing, Josh highlights the win-win nature of hiring Filipino virtual assistants. Beyond affordable rates, he sees it as an opportunity to provide substantial income for his team. It’s not just about getting tasks done; it’s about making a positive impact on the lives of these dedicated individuals.

So there you have it – a firsthand account of how Filipino virtual assistants have become an integral part of Josh’s real estate success story. If you’re in the industry or considering venturing into real estate, this case study is a goldmine of insights. Let’s tip our hats to the world of virtual collaboration, bridging gaps and transforming businesses. Until next time, happy real estate adventures!

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