Practical Advice 189: OFS Working While At The Hospital

So, something surprising happened recently, and I thought I’d share it with you.

My Online Filipino Specialist, who usually makes the social media creatives for me, dropped a bomb – she’s been working from the hospital!

In her email, she explained that her father was in a car accident, suffering a hip fracture and needing orthopedic surgery. Despite the stressful situation, she assured me she’d still work on our content.

In response, I told her not to worry, to take all the time she needs, and that family always comes first. 

Accidents and emergencies are more common in the Philippines, and hospital stays tend to be longer. Our policy? We don’t track time off. Seriously, we don’t. Take as much time as needed; just give us a heads-up if possible.

And believe me, people don’t abuse it. In fact, they become more willing to take time off the longer they work with us.

Bottom line? We want our team to feel comfortable, supported, and ready to face life’s challenges.

So, if you ever hear about your OFS working from the hospital, cut them some slack – it’s a part of their reality. 

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