Finding your dream virtual assistant is just a click away – Case Study

CYB Staff Meeting

Some people say that outsourcing through a virtual assistant agency makes the process easier, safer and more efficient. But does it really? Brielle started outsourcing using the ‘safe’ route, hiring through an agency. But the thing is, when you hire through an agency, the VA doesn’t really work for you, the VA works for the […]

Motivating Your Filipino VA Over The Christmas Break

This is the typical Christmas dinner in the Philippines. It's called Noche Buena.

Filipinos take Christmas VERY seriously. It’s such a big deal for us we start celebrating in September and only stop halfway through January To be honest, everything we do for the rest of the year actually builds up to Christmas. We scrimp, save and hustle all year just so we can indulge and be generous […]

Elijah Salvador: The Hip, New, Young Filipino Online Worker


Elijah, the newest member of our team, is the talented young man responsible for new look. He represents the new breed of Filipino online workers we’ve been seeing these past few years. He’s ambitious, has wicked skills, responsible, and always looking for ways to do things better. Don’t let his age full you. Elijah […]

The Life Changing Power of Outsourcing, 9 Years Later


 Nine years ago, I shared with Nathan how outsourcing to the Philippines can dramatically change his life. Back then, he’d already been working on his business for over a decade. Ten years of work and he was still doing everything by himself. And he was sick and tired. Sick of doing everything himself. Tired […]

What is the 13th Month? Is It Required?


Is the 13th month required? Yes. Well, it kind of depends… But, what is the 13th month bonus? Once you start to feel the chill in the air, Filipino workers start anticipating for that most magical day of the year. No, not Christmas day. That’s a close 2nd though. What I’m talking about is the […]

From Self-Employed to Stable Business Owner


Jesse Razo had dreams of running his own business but couldn’t seem to get it off the ground. He has the customers. His business WANTS to grow. He’s already overworked, one man doing the job of 10, but it’s still not enough. Jesse knows he can’t be the only one working on his business.  Once […]

Why Filipino VAs Disappear (and how to prevent it)


I hate to admit it but some of us Filipino workers do have a nasty habit of disappearing. I don’t think it’s a uniquely Filipino trait. But I think it’s more noticeable when a Filipino does it because it’s so contradictory to our usual work ethics. If you listen to people talk about Filipino workers […]

All About Paying Filipino VAs


  Paying your Filipino virtual assistant doesn’t have to be problematic. All you need to know about paying your VA in the Philippines can be summed up in 8 simple rules. 1. Don’t pre-pay for work It might seem like seem like pre paying for work is the ultimate sign of trust. But don’t do […]