Podcast (Systems and Outsourcing)

Dr. Steve Day from the Systems and Outsourcing University believes you shouldn’t have to do all the work yourself, even if you’re on a tight budget. The sooner you outsource your work, the sooner you can focus on leading your company and doing the stuff that only you can do to make your business a […]

How To Help Your OFS Progress In Life – Practical Advice

“School exists to empower people to become what they want.” – Lisa A few episodes ago, I talked about how my daughter was getting ready to take the ACT and how school doesn’t prepare you for life; it teaches you how to take a test. When I have a Practical Advice video uploaded on YouTube, […]

Done-For-You Trainings You Can Hand Off To Your OFS – Practical Advice

I have always believed that training your virtual assistant can do wonders for your business. And I have experienced this firsthand with my Online Filipino Specialists.  If you don’t know the story, OnlineJobs.ph was created because I had a need to find virtual assistants on my own. I wanted to be the one to vet […]

How Non-Profits Can Benefit From An OFS – Practical Advice

“I thank God for John Jonas’ program and my OFS!” – David Baker I receive many emails from business owners who use OnlineJobs.ph. Some send me updates on their Online Filipino Specialists (OFS) and share how happy they are with their OFS. I rarely receive a video “testimonial”; when I do, it is gold! David […]

How Brett Assigns Tasks To His OFS – Practical Advice

In one of my previous episodes, I talked about having an Online Filipino Specialist (OFS) who’s still a student and how I said that if you could help it, it would be better to choose someone who’s done with school. “Someone who’s in college will always prioritize their education first.” This was what I said […]

Podcast (DailyMastermind.com)

Podcast Link: https://thedailymastermind.libsyn.com/one-va-away-with-john-jonas Freedom drives me — financial freedom, time freedom.  Having freedom is what I wanted to have when I started my business. Like any other business owner, I thought having my own business would mean I had more time to do what I wanted. Wrong! Having my own business took more time than my […]

How To Easily Provide Training For Your OFS – Practical Advice

The Philippines has a very particular and unique work culture — training. On the Job Training. More often than not, Filipinos expect to be trained on what the job is all about when they are hired. Whether they are new graduates or seasoned employees, there is an expectation for some training to be given so […]

Can VAs Meet With Clients? – Practical Advice

Filipino virtual assistants, or as we like to call them, Online Filipino Specialists, can do a variety of things; and they can do it well. Your OFS is your employee, and just like an in-house employee, your clients know that they represent you and your business. So, can OFSs meet with clients? Yes. Yes, they can.  […]