What Kind of VA Should You Hire First?

What kind of VA should You Hire FIrst

Most of the advice on the internet is garbage.  They say that if you love your work, you never have to work a day in your life. But if you’re a business owner, you can’t just do the things you love. I’m a programmer and I enjoy programming. But as a business owner, I knew […]

Can I Hire Sales People in the Philippines – Practical Advice

Can I hire sales people in the Philippines Featured

I get asked this question a lot. The answer is yes but it’s not that easy.  Here in the US, when we hire sales people, we can just tell them, “Here, sell this product.”  In the Philippines, selling as a skill isn’t very common in the Philippines. If you want to hire a Filipino VA […]

Can I Find High Quality VAs From The Philippines? – Practical Advice

447 Can I Find High Quality VAs From The Philippines_

I’ve built and grown my business by hiring high quality virtual assistants in the Philippines. I know a lot of people like me who have done the same and I have helped thousands of businesses do the same. So yeah, you can definitely find high quality virtual assistants from the Philippines. Any task you can […]

Top 3 Tips to Make Sure I Hire A Great VA – Practical Advice

Top 3 Tips to Make Sure I Hire A Great VA. Feature

Here are my top 3 tips for hiring a great virtual worker from the Philippines. I actually have more than 3 tips but here are the ones to get you started on the right path. Define your role Most people make the mistake of hiring, let’s say, a programmer because they know how to use […]

Can A Filipino VA Work On My Timezone? – Practical Advice

445 Can A Filipino VA Work On My Timezone Feature

Yes, you can! But it depends. Depending on where you live, the time difference between you and your Filipino VA can be between a couple of hours to 16 hours. Based on my experience, I noticed that a lot of Filipinos have a hard time working the night shift. So for jobs that I don’t […]

Christmas and New Years and Your Filipino VA – Practical Advice

Christmas and New Years and Your Filipino VA copy

We noticed that a lot of Filipinos quit around Christmas time because they don’t know what their bosses expectations are. In the Philippines, you see, the holidays are a big thing, especially Christmas and New Years. The week between both is when most family reunions and get-togethers happen. That’s when they travel to be home […]

Why have Employers Resorted to Outsourcing? – Practical Advice

425 Why have Employers Resorted to Outsourcing FEAT

The reason why employers are resorting is because there are a lot of benefits to doing it. Sure, there’s the cost savings. It’s cheaper to hire workers in the Philippines. But sometimes you can’t find the help you need locally. If you can’t find the right person in your town or city, are you willing […]

Why are Call Centers Outsourced? – Practical Advice

424 Why are Call Centers Outsourced

The simple answer is labor is cheaper overseas. But it’s more complicated than that. It actually costs a lot of money to maintain your own call center. So a lot of businesses are forced to outsource if they want to provide good customer service. If you want to provide good customer service, you can’t just […]