Iryn Wee: A Spanish-Speaking OFS’s Journey to Success

Meet Iryn Wee, a 40-year-old Filipino specialist from Cavite, Philippines. She works as a bilingual virtual assistant, catering to a real estate and construction company based in Houston. Her tasks revolved around bookkeeping, project management, collections, and general VA, all conducted in Spanish.

Iryn believes in the value of integrity and goes the extra mile to ensure her employer receives the utmost support, even when not directly being managed.

She opens up about her journey, recounting her experiences and career path that took her from her roots in Zamboanga City to her pursuit of opportunities in Manila. Iryn shares how she has evolved from a career in the call center industry to being an Online Filipino Specialist.

With a deep understanding of the Chavacano dialect, (a unique Spanish creole), Iryn discusses the significance of language skills in the Philippines and the importance of formal Spanish lessons for professional use. She shares how her career progression and salary increase when she transitioned to a Spanish customer service representative role.

However, Iryn’s story took an unexpected turn when the pandemic hit. This prompted her to explore online job platforms. She highlights the differences between various platforms, explaining why she chose for its user-friendly approach. Within a week, she secured her first client, transforming her life and enabling her to spend more time with her daughter.

Iryn’s journey exemplifies how determination, the right skills, and the right platform can lead to a brighter future and improved quality of life.

Today, Iryn has an improved work-life balance, financial stability, and time for her passions outside of work, including watching Korean dramas and exploring diverse cuisines.

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