From Struggles to Triumph: Mariah Sison’s Journey as an Online Filipino Specialist

I have got a story to share with you about an OFS. Meet Mariah Sison, a 40-year-old mother of four from Kawit, Cavite, Philippines. Her life was once defined by hardship, but her determination and ability to work from home, turned her life around.

Growing up in a town without running water, Mariah’s daily routine involved waking up at 4 am to fetch water from a nearby river just for a bath. Despite the challenges, she remained positive.

Her mother saw potential in her communication skills and encouraged her to pursue mass communications in college. During her junior year, she had on-the-job training at a local radio station, where she faced disturbing experiences while covering police assignments.

Life took an unexpected turn when she moved to Metro Manila with her boyfriend. While she was working as a call center agent, they struggled financially, especially after Mariah gave birth to twins. Daily commutes of 2-3 hours each way, graveyard shifts, and barely seeing her husband weighed heavily on her, impacting her mental and physical health.

However, a ray of hope emerged in 2013 when she learned about, offering remote work opportunities. Mariah took the leap even with limited resources, getting the cheapest available DSL internet and a basic PC. She found her first online job and felt a sense of relief as she could now support her family while working from home.

Since then, Mariah’s life has taken a turn for the better. She’s been with her current employer for nine years, working as a credit analyst for a credit repair company based in Utah. The flexibility of remote work allowed her to be a hands-on mother, attending school meetings and organizing events for her kids.

Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the opportunities that remote work can bring. From facing hardships and financial struggles, Mariah transformed her life, providing her family a comfortable and blessed life.

Watch Mariah Sison’s journey here, an Online Filipino Specialist who found success and happiness through work she found in It is a reminder that determination and hard work can create a brighter future, no matter where you are from.

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  1. Necia Tubal says

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  2. Emicelle O Caasi says

    It was 2 years ago when I decided to try working from home. I took insta courses online to better equipt me when the system. I was able to sent applications in various institutions but sadly, I wasn’t able to land a job. I am an Administrative Assistannt for almost 1o years in various government agencies but no call center experience but has average computer knowledge.

    I am hoping that there is still chance for me in the work from home community. I am 45 years old and I am still confident that I could still deliver, whatever task that is required from me.

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  3. Babai Takulanga Mabang says


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  4. Ma. Annabelle Cuaresma says

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  5. Paula Arenas says

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  14. Prince Ralph Pidor II says

    I had been on online Since the day they have started. Many years have passed already and almost a decade now has elevated my life as a career person and gained friends.

  15. Gretchen Mae Ybañez says

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  18. Elenita Alibang says

    Hi Mariah. I am so inspired by your life story. Iam an English teacher for 28 years already but still in financial struggle with our health issues and tuition fees of my children who are now in college. I wish to resign as I am so disappointment and burn out with my job. I have lost hope until I found freelancing as a potential way to earn extra income. I have a background in writing since I was a journalism writer and trainer. However, I’m now 52. Is there still hope for me in freelancing? I hope you can guide me. Thank you so much. I hope to hear from you.

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  24. Thor Guanzon says

    This story was very touching and inspiring. Hoping for more Filipinos to bounce back especially in these trying times.

    Also, I am interested in writing inspirational stories like these for OLJ. Is there a possibility that I can work for OLJ to write blog posts such as this? Thank you!

  25. Elaiza Marie Totesora says

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  30. Ellen T Caguindangan says

    Your story is very inspiring. Its been my longing to work online. I need an additional income to make both ends meet. Hope you can help me. Continue to inspire others. Best regards.

  31. Marionne says


    Need help with my OJ account verification. I’ve already sent a follow-up but no response yet. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Looking forward to landing a job with your platform. Thank you

  32. Giann Macaraeg says

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