My OFS Meet in Person

After years of working together remotely, it finally happened – my incredible OFS came together in person for the very first time!

Picture this: a bunch of talented individuals, scattered across the Philippines, now sitting, together and gathered around a big dinner table, sharing stories and laughter. I can only imagine it to be a surreal moment, almost like meeting long-lost friends.

They even sent me photos! 

– – – – –

And so, as the plan for our family outing (to Manjuyod) was set, Jenn and Arleen also made some plans to meet with our co-workers.

We just couldn’t let the chance of not meeting each other when we were just an hour apart. We live on the same island, Negros. And we haven’t met yet. Lougie and I, even though we’ve been working together all these years.

And so, finally, here’s the Team, Negros Chapter.

We met for an early dinner in another city called Dumaguete. It’s an hour’s drive from where we stayed and just about 15mins from where they live.

Until that day, I really did not know what Lougie looked like and that he and Sydney were husband and wife.

They are such a lovely couple, and meeting them was the highlight of my day.

Lougie and I can’t help discussing work, our tech stacks, and new stuff. And most of all, what meant for us all these years.

Jenn was so excited about meeting them all, and most of her time was spent talking; she forgot to eat. We ended up asking to have her food put in a doggie bag.

Arleen still had support duty then, so she occasionally checked emails and worked.

After dinner, we decided to move to a nearby place for drinks and live music.

Lougie and Sydney were chilling. Jocelyn and Jenn can’t help but continue to talk shop.

We went our separate ways a couple of hours later. A bit tipsy except for the designated drivers. All were in good spirits.

We agreed to see each other again and go to places to meet with others on the Team, like Joven in Davao or Paolo in Cebu.

It’s always nice to put a face to a name. To hear a voice when you’re reading their emails.

Perhaps all of can have a team outing. Just a thought.

– – – – –

While we’ve certainly mastered the art of virtual teamwork, there’s an undeniable charm in sharing a meal together.

You know, I really wish I could have joined them in person. Meeting them face-to-face, beyond just their profile photos, must have been an incredible experience.

Arleen’s dedication truly moved me. She didn’t have an obligation to work at that time, and if I had known about their plans, I would have insisted that she take the day off. Nevertheless, I deeply appreciate her commitment, and it’s no surprise at all. It’s the kind of dedication you can always rely on from a top-notch OFS.

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