You Don’t Know If You Can Keep An OFS Busy – Practical Advice

One common concern when considering hiring is the fear of not having enough work to keep someone busy. It’s a hesitation I understand because I had it too in the beginning. I was not sure I could keep someone busy, among other concerns like affordability and quality of work.

However, this concern is more about your business vision than ability to delegate. 

What I’ve noticed is that once you hire and delegate a task, you’ll likely discover the potential for more tasks that can be effectively handled by your new team member.

As your business vision expands, you’ll offload tasks, seeing improved marketing and sales, and your business will start to grow. You’ll start thinking like a CEO.

If you’re not ready to commit, go ahead and test the waters. Consider hiring someone hourly. This approach allows you to evaluate how delegation affects your business.

But be careful; hourly arrangements can let you off the hook, so you might not fully embrace the CEO role and delegate effectively.

On the other hand, hiring someone, whether part-time or full-time, encourages a shift in mindset, making you responsible for keeping them busy. This often triggers you to explore more opportunities for delegation. You may find that a few hours a day isn’t enough, realizing you need a full-time team member.

If you have questions about hiring in the Philippines, visit for more insights and answers. Remember, hiring is about more than just offloading tasks; it’s about reshaping your business vision and unlocking new possibilities for growth.

Don’t let the fear of not having enough work hold you back from experiencing the benefits of delegation. Your business growth could be just a few hires away.

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