What is the 13th Month Pay? – Practical Advice

Welcome to another entry for the Practical Advice series. This is a series of tips and advice sharing what I know about outsourcing, particularly, outsourcing to the Philippines.  The 13th Month Pay is something you hear often when planning to hire from the Philippines. What is it, exactly? 13th Month Pay-month pay is a benefit […]

Why you SHOULDN’T do a Skype interview when hiring a VA – Practical Advice

Yes, I am aware it goes against conventional recruiting knowledge. But over the years, I’ve seen that I have better success hiring Filipino virtual assistants when I don’t do Skype interviews. However, I have seen people do it successfully. That’s why I am amending my stance on this. I still don’t think you should do […]

How To Get A Referral To A Great VA In The Philippines – Practical Advice

When looking for virtual assistants, getting a referral from somebody you trust is priceless.  A good referral saves you time and effort when recruiting. And in most cases, a referral will get you a great VA who can do wonders for your business. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a virtual assistant referral from other business […]

Evaluating VA Profiles When Recruiting On OnlineJobs.ph – Practical Advice

When you’re looking through so many jobseeker profiles, it becomes hard to figure out which ones have the potential to work and which ones don’t. Finding the best worker for the job isn’t just about getting the person with the most experience or the best qualifications. It’s also having to look at their personality and […]

Don’t Shortlist VA Candidates: Here’s Why! – Practical Advice

Some people complain that they can’t find anyone on our platform. And when we ask them how they use Onlinejobs.ph, we’re surprised to find that most of them make this mistake: they shortlist candidates right away. This is something we don’t recommend you do for a number of reasons: Onlinejobs.ph isn’t your typical “freelancing” platform. […]

How to avoid the middleman and hire Filipino workers direct? Practical Advice

Outsourcing is hassle free when you outsource through an agency! This is how agencies love to market themselves. They use convenience as a justification for exorbitant prices and the work they put in managing your virtual employees. But is it really hassle free? Is it convenient when you can’t train your Virtual Assistant directly or […]