Is it important to hire someone with a degree?

Now that you have decided to outsource to the Philippines, you’re probably wondering whether it’s important to look for college graduates. Should you hire workers who have degrees? Is this unnecessary? The brief answer: No. Your online Filipino specialist doesn’t need to have a college degree to do the job. Why? Because … Experience always […]

When and How Often Should You Give Your Workers a Raise?

“May I have a raise?” As the boss, you can’t necessarily blame a worker for asking this. Everybody wants to make more money. The point of working after all is to make enough to support yourself and your family. But when to grant raises and how often you should give a raise are challenging questions […]

What I learned from the Philippines

I have been replacing myself in my business by outsourcing work to the Philippines for over 10 years now. I also teach these principles to other business owners, showing how they can live the 17-hour workweek by having Filipinos work for them. In my visit to the Philippines and my frequent emails with my Filipino […]

11 Mistakes People Make When Hiring Filipino Virtual Assistants

As a business owner, you probably heard of outsourcing or perhaps you are already doing it. Hopefully, you are looking at the Philippines for your outsourcing needs. This Asian nation is a haven for driven, dedicated and diligent workers eager for long-term, full-time work opportunities. Many business owners have had positive experiences hiring Filipino Online […]

How to Make Your Job Posts Attract Great Filipino Workers is the leading website for finding highly skilled, experienced Filipino workers. When it comes to finding someone to fill your business needs, there’s no better tool. Our database contains over a million profiles of online Filipino specialists who are eager and ready to accept to be a part of your business. But how do […]

2016 Philippine Holidays And How To Deal With PTO

We all know that the Philippines have more holidays than most countries. Is you business ready for the holidays? We prepared this Google Calendar that you can use to keep you updated on the upcoming Philippine holidays. The ones in red are regular holidays while the ones in yellow are special non-working holidays. We will […]

How To Avoid Scam Jobs and Get A Legitimate Online Job

Updated April 27, 2020 One fear most people have about online work is encountering scam jobs and employers. We know this is rampant. Most online workers have experienced this at least once or know someone who has been scammed. Most who fall victim to these scam jobs are newbies but there are ways to avoid […]

Do I Need To Take Tests To Get Hired?

When you sign up for an jobseeker profile, you probably notice that we have a test feature. This feature actually links to free testing services for English, DISC, and IQ testing. It’s a nifty little feature. Once you’re done with the tests, you can take a screenshot of your test result, write your score […]