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Hey, I’m Hazel at your service!

Hazel is the HR specialist of OnlineJobs.Ph. If you’ve ever been a vetted worker, if you’ve ever wanted to a hire a vetted worker, you’ve already communicated with our charming team mate.

Hazel and her daughters at Bakasyunan

Hazel and her daughters at Bakasyunan

Apart from helping Filipinos get jobs or helping employers get Virtual Assistants, she’s a really awesome mom. She likes to take trips and have taken her kids to different places around the Philippines. I’m honestly very jealous. Here are a few places they’ve visited and why they are special to Hazel and her family.

  • Sierra Madre (2011) – a good friend and philanthropist who lives in Qatar gave us this vacation. We had a lot of things to talked about this vacation as this is our most disastrous vacay. It was my first time to drive on the mountain of Tanay. The fog was too low that I could not see anything. Apart from that, our car broke down, there was no signal. To add to the adventure, a storm started. I never prayed the rosary for so many times in a day except during this vacay…hahaha Thankfully, we were all safe and enjoyed the rest of the trip. We ended not swimming and just took a lot of pictures, but its still a good break for all of us and a good topic for gatherings.


    Striking a pose at Sierra Madre, happy to be alive and well!

  • Pranjetto Hills (2012) – I was facilitating a workshop here. Part of my deal with the participants was to bring my children along with me. And then my best friends with their families followed us there, and we had such a memorable time.
  • Coral View – (2014) Took a get away together with my previous office mates. My children practically grew up with them and looked to them as their fathers and uncles. It was memorable because this was where I let my youngest dive into the sea.. I was freaking out but it was an eye opener that my baby has grown up to be very strong-willed and brave. She was absolutely great.


    Enjoying the cool waters of Puenta Fuego

  • Punta Fuego – (2014) My eldest daughter, after seeing this in Facebook, loved the place and wanted to experience it. So I agreed and we got a deal for an overnight stay.
  • Sabangan Beach Resort (2014) – This is actually the wish of my best friend who then was diagnosed with end renal stage and was undergoing dialysis at that time. He wanted to have a vacation with me and my children since we were the ones taking care of him. Unfortunately, 5 months later he passed away, but at least we were able to share that experience with him.
  • Grande Island (Subic, 2015)- We went here to celebrate the birthday of my eldest child. Since we visited during August, there were no other guest in the island but us. It was a very relaxed, carefree vacation.
  • Chatteau Royale (2013 & 2015) – My children loved the view, especially the man size totems of hindu gods and goddesses. They also enjoyed the cold weather of Tagaytay. Another milestone for my youngest, it was her first time to do rock climbing, and it was the tallest peaks in Luzon! It gave me so much fright but at the same time I was so proud.
  • Sky Ranch (2015) – On the side we went to sky ranch and my children had a good time riding. It was a milestone for my eldest because she has fear of heights. A few more rides and I think we can now take an airplane and have a vacation somewhere else.
  • Subic (White Rock) – This is memorable to us.

It’s not called White Rock for nothing!

The reason was that it is the very 1st out of trip that my whole family took after the passing of my father in 2007.

Seven years later, my children and I agreed that it is best if we can relive the fun memories we had so we went back there to celebrate the new year of 2015.

  • La Primera Playa (Bataan) (2016) – Me and my children decided to share the experience to my employees when I still owned a trucking company. We went here and brought my employees for a 2-night stay.
  • Pico de Loro – Batangas (2016) – My children wanted to have a vacation here. They have been bugging me for a year. They went to look for a good deal. We fell in love with their beach, pools and the game room. The view is to die for. We so loved the place that we have booked ourselves a room to celebrate the coming New Year … here.

Hazel continues to do her job, reporting on a daily basis no matter what Island in the Philippines she’s in. This is one of the best perks of working online. “Believe it or not, I owe a lot to Onlinejobs because I cannot do these if i am still with GMA7. I can spend time and have fun with my daughters while Im working. It’s very difficult to spend a vacation over the weekend because there are so many people, so we usually go during regular days. Because I work for Onlinejobs, I just bring my laptop and do my work in a hotel. I’m a single parent, so I really appreciate that I am able to enjoy every single moment with them. I get to bring them to places, hug them and let me know exactly how I feel.”

Hazel is one of the really talented VA’s who can balance travel, work and taking care of the kids. It requires discipline and commitment. If you have work the work ethics and dreams of travelling with your family like Hazel, an online job will allow you to Travel Like a Boss.

Check out some of Hazel’s travel pictures below:

Grande Island

Grande Island

Coral View

Hazel's brave daughter, trying to conquer her first wall.

Hazel’s brave daughter, trying to conquer her first wall.

Aren't they both adorable?

Trying to cool off under a shade in Pranjetto


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