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The Onlinejobs team is made up of a variety of talented and interesting virtual assistants. Today’s post is about one of our developers, Raymund. We all know that he’s a sharp and funny guy who is always there when we need help despite his busy day. However, like other members of the team, there are more interesting things to Raymund, like his hobby… mountain biking!

Raymund striking a pose.

Raymund striking a pose.

Because we’re humans and not just about all about work, I interviewed him about this interesting sport and what makes it so great for him.

Like many mountain bikers out there, he started pretty late. He tried it after his friends invited him for a run, and he was hooked since then. We all know that working online means hours and hours of just sitting all day. Mountain biking has given him the opportunity to exercise without the boredom. Raymund says that the ride also comes with great views but also an adrenalin boost he hasn’t experienced with just regular exercise.


One of the perks about living in a city/province is that there are enough malls you can go to, but there are still some nature adventures just a few minutes away. This means he can bike both in the city and in mountain trails. “The risk is higher when you bike around the city, since a bicycle lane is not available. 🙂 When we do city rides, we normally do it early in the morning cause it is lesser vehicle during that time. Most of the time, we go to places where there is trail, like in Samal.”

“I once went to a place called “The View” in Magtuod, Davao City. That trip was special not just because of the place but also the way there. It was my first time to climb more or less 45 degrees in an ascending direction (uphill) for 2 miles, though I had to stop couple of times  during the trip to catch my breath. :)”

“The place is special because you can see up there the entire City, enjoy the cold weather and fresh air.  It’s the one of the best places to go to if you want to relax, at the same time to think on how to achieve your dreams. :)”received_10154676025068955

Of course, having a hobby that requires you to be in different locations may be a bit difficult when you have work. Yes there are the weekends, but there are some trips that need longer travel hours. For Raymund though, as long as he has his laptop and mobile internet, everything is A-O-K!

What was really great about Raymund’s hobby though is preparing for this post. It turns out that John, one of the founders and owners of also has the same hobby. This became more than just a blog post, it became a topic where they were able to exchange stories. It humanized Raymund. He’s not just Raymund, the great developer. He’s Raymund, our awesome developer who has the same hobby as John.

IMG_6327John has sent us these photos before, but because Raymund shared his story and photos, John wanted to share these with you guys as well.


Here’s John with Kim.



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