Finding And Keeping Highly Technical OFS – Practical Advice

Ever heard the misconception that outsourcing is limited to data entry? Think again. I come across skeptics all the time. “Can you really find a talented programmer or accountant?” Absolutely! You can snag top-notch accountants, investment banking analysts, marketing directors, senior programmers, systems admins, UI designers, and even CAD engineers. is your gateway to […]

More Tips About Hiring An OFS For Tax Businesses – Practical Advice

If you don’t know yet, I have a newsletter being sent out to subscribers. They are customers and business owners interested in getting an OFS, but want to learn more first before committing. If you want to subscribe to this newsletter, just sign up for an employer account. One great thing about these newsletters […]

Too Overwhelmed To Think About Hiring – Practical Advice

In the fast-paced business world, feeling swamped with tasks, drowning in emails, and overwhelmed by your to-do list is not uncommon. But here’s the kicker: Hiring someone might be the key to easing that overwhelming burden. When I used to think, “I have so much to do, how can I find the time to recruit […]

Why You Should NOT Do A Phone Call With A Potential OFS – Practical Advice

Ready to start outsourcing? When hiring Rockstar VAs from the Philippines, or Online Filipino Specialists (OFS), scheduling live Zoom interviews might seem like the standard approach. However, this practice often leads to several challenges.  Consider this scenario: you have ten applicants and plan video interviews with them. Here’s what frequently occurs: Some applicants are hesitant […]

6 Ways To Fail When Hiring An OFS – Practical Advice

Outsourcing your business is a smart move, but there are certain mistakes that people commonly make, making the process more challenging than it needs to be.  Let’s take a look at the six common mistakes to avoid when hiring in the Philippines. Number 1: Trying to hire someone to do everything. It’s important to be […]

Can Your OFS Recruit For You? – Practical Advice So, you’re considering hiring another Online Filipino Specialist (OFS) for your team, but the idea of doing all the work and recruiting is too much. I completely understand where you’re coming from. But here’s something interesting that comes up quite often: Can you have your trusted team member handle the recruitment for you on […]

Why I Won’t Recruit For You – Practical Advice

I always receive requests from employers asking me to recruit someone for them. But my answer remains the same: No. Why? Simple. I may be good at recruiting since the first person I hired in 2005 still works for me today, but I am not good at recruiting for you. I believe that hiring isn’t […]