6 Ways To Fail When Hiring An OFS – Practical Advice

Outsourcing your business is a smart move, but there are certain mistakes that people commonly make, making the process more challenging than it needs to be. 

Let’s take a look at the six common mistakes to avoid when hiring in the Philippines.

Number 1: Trying to hire someone to do everything.

It’s important to be realistic about the skills and capabilities of potential candidates. Instead of looking for a jack-of-all-trades, focus on hiring someone for a specific task or role and then provide them with training to expand their skills.

Hire someone to work on things you already know how to do so you can train them the way you want things done. Handing off tasks you already know how to do to your OFS allows you to gauge how well they work with you and you can then work on other things for your business.

Number 2: Relying solely on a project manager.

While a project manager can be valuable, expecting them to handle everything without your involvement is unrealistic. They should have knowledge of the area you’re working on, understand your processes, and build a team over time.

Number 3: Ignoring your OFS

Hiring someone and then not providing feedback, training, or support is counterproductive. Training and guiding your OFS  is crucial; they need your input to run your business effectively.

Number 4: Asking candidates to do a significant amount of work before offering them a job.

Filipinos are wary of being taken advantage of, so starting with a small test task is important or paying for any substantial work.

Number 5: Demanding immediate results.

Building a successful outsourcing relationship takes time and patience. Mistakes will happen, and it’s important to provide guidance and support rather than expecting perfection right away.

The final mistake is: Searching extensively for the perfect candidate and then emailing them directly.

Cast a wide net and interview multiple candidates. Narrowing down options before contacting anyone may result in overlooking the best available person.

Remember, these mistakes can be easily avoided with knowledge and awareness. By implementing the right strategies, you can hire the right person for your business and maximize the benefits of outsourcing.

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