Quantity Over Quality: Why your OFS Sometimes Work Mindlessly – Practical Advice

Your Online Filipino Specialists know you’re going to see how much or how many they’ve accomplished for the day, and if you notice the amount of work more than anything else, this could lead your OFS to doing more than doing better.

Let’s talk about giving importance to quantity over quality leads to mindless work.

I asked my team what causes them to turn in mindless work, and one of the top reasons is quantity over quality.

Admittedly, as employers, we want to make sure that our OFS are working when they say they are, and the easiest way to assess that is by looking at the numbers.

We set specific parameters that make us feel that we are not cheated on and that the money we spend on our OFSs is justified.

It might be the number of articles written per day, emails answered, or maybe you have your OFS run a time tracker to track their hours. Whatever it is, it is driven by numbers and measured. And more often than not, the higher the number, the better.

Although Filipinos naturally do things properly and go above and beyond, if they are chasing a certain number, they would be more focused on getting that number to keep their jobs.

I talk more about this in this video and what I think could help curb this mindset.

This practical advice is just one of many we have on our blog. Head on to our outsourcing education page to catch the whole series. 

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About John Jonas

John Jonas is a long-time outsourcing expert and the creator of OnlineJobs.ph.

Since 2005, John has taught hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs how to profitably delegate to VAs in the Philippines (and get their lives back in the process).

With help from his own VAs based in the Philippines, John has created an outsourcing empire that allows him to work 17 hours/week and to spend most of his time with his wife and 5 kids.

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