Filipinos Don’t Want To Steal Your Data – Practical Advice

Filipinos Don't Want To Steal Your Data

One of the things many employers worry about is that their Online Filipino Specialist (OFS) might steal their data. In my experience, Filipinos don’t want to steal your data. There’s just no need nor incentive for it. Filipinos are very honest people who care deeply about family and community. They are very hard-working, too, and […]

How OFS Help Last Mile Carriers – Practical Advice

How OFS Help Last Mile Carriers

Last-mile carriers have become extremely beneficial to businesses. They go from source to destination, making sure that your products arrive on time and in perfect condition.  I had no idea that last mile carriers were using Online Filipino Specialists (OFS) until very recently when my OFS, Julia, sent me a link to an article from […]

How Hiring a Virtual Assistant Changed My Life

Running a 7 figure Amazon ecommerce business takes a lot of work. And if you want to make it even bigger, you can’t do it on your own. Matt Loberstein knew this and one of the first things he did is hire a virtual assistant for his growing business. His one full-time Filipino virtual is […]

Without employees, there’s no business growth

Jimmy cropped

Like most real estate appraisers, Jimmy Roberts started out by doing things alone. He worked 40 to 60 hours a week and had a steady stream of clients. Compared to his colleagues, he was doing well. But Jimmy understood that if he wanted to grow his business, he needed employees. But as a small business […]

How To Empower Your OFS – Practical Advice

How To Empower Your OFS

I am a huge fan of empowering OFSs. When employees feel empowered at work, they have stronger job performance, job satisfaction, and loyalty. For my team, what I do to empower my OFSs are: Give them a title, Tell them to take ownership, Have someone for Quality Assurance, and Gain their trust. I’ve shared my […]

Individual SOP Training Courses – Practical Advice

Individual SOP Training Courses

Total disclosure: This blog post came way later than the video I made on YouTube. Huge changes are happening all around!  One: The Philippines has a new President. There are a lot of mixed emotions about the new Philippine President, but this is what happens in a democracy. We’ll talk about that next time. Two: […]

How To Give Good Feedback To Your OFS – Practical Advice

How To Give Good Feedback To Your OFS

Feedback can do so much for people. When people are offered consistent, actionable feedback, they get an idea of their successes and opportunities for improvement. But of course, there are good kinds of feedback and bad ones. I want to give good feedback so it will have the positive effect I want, not only for […]

PhilHealth vs Health Insurance: What’s The Difference? – Practical Advice

PhilHealth vs Health Insurance What's The Difference_

This is one of my least favorite topics and one that, unfortunately, I’m always being asked about – Health Insurance. Health insurance works differently in the U.S. compared to the Philippines. Let’s talk about how it is in the Philippines, so you’ll know what your OFS deals with. In the Philippines, Filipinos aged 21 years […]

How We Provide Health Insurance To Our OFS – Practical Advice

How We Provide Health Insurance To Our OFS Feature

In the Philippines, health insurance is not required by law. Workers in the Philippines do not automatically get health insurance if they find a job. It is a perk that not most businesses offer, but, like here in the US, it makes people stay and keep working for a company. What they have is Philhealth. […]

The 80/20 Principle With Your OFS – Practical Advice

The 80_20 Principle With Your OFS Feature

Let me tell you a story about my son and how I found out what his 20% is here The Pareto principle, or the 80/20 rule, is a theory that says 80% of the output from a given situation is determined by 20% of the input.  A practical example of the Pareto principle would be: […]