How Non-Profits Can Benefit From An OFS – Practical Advice

How Non-Profits Can Benefit From An OFS Feature

“I thank God for John Jonas’ program and my OFS!” – David Baker I receive many emails from business owners who use Some send me updates on their Online Filipino Specialists (OFS) and share how happy they are with their OFS. I rarely receive a video “testimonial”; when I do, it is gold! David […]

How Brett Assigns Tasks To His OFS – Practical Advice


In one of my previous episodes, I talked about having an Online Filipino Specialist (OFS) who’s still a student and how I said that if you could help it, it would be better to choose someone who’s done with school. “Someone who’s in college will always prioritize their education first.” This was what I said […]

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How to Hire a Rockstar VA Full time for -600 month Feature

Podcast Link: Freedom drives me — financial freedom, time freedom.  Having freedom is what I wanted to have when I started my business. Like any other business owner, I thought having my own business would mean I had more time to do what I wanted. Wrong! Having my own business took more time than my […]

How To Easily Provide Training For Your OFS – Practical Advice

How To Easily Provide Training For Your OFS Feature

The Philippines has a very particular and unique work culture — training. On the Job Training. More often than not, Filipinos expect to be trained on what the job is all about when they are hired. Whether they are new graduates or seasoned employees, there is an expectation for some training to be given so […]

Can VAs Meet With Clients? – Practical Advice

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Filipino virtual assistants, or as we like to call them, Online Filipino Specialists, can do a variety of things; and they can do it well. Your OFS is your employee, and just like an in-house employee, your clients know that they represent you and your business. So, can OFSs meet with clients? Yes. Yes, they can.  […]

How to Handle Security and Manage Risk with OFS – Practical Advice

How to handle security and manage risk with OFS Feature

Is your data safe with your Online Filipino Specialist? Is managing risk easy when working with OFSs? The simple answer is: YES. Yes, your data is safe. Yes, risk management is easy. Why do I say this? I say this because Filipinos are honest, and they want to work — they want a job.  This is […]

My Solutions To Prevent Mindless Work – Practical Advice

My Solutions To Prevent Mindless Work Feature

I have dedicated the last six episodes to discovering the reason behind mindless work — why a task is being done mindlessly. This drive to know the whys and whats of mindless work stemmed from an embarrassing video my OFS uploaded. It wasn’t shared with the public yet, but the fact that it was uploaded […]

Solutions to Why your OFS Sometimes Work Mindlessly – Practical Advice

Solutions to Why Your OFS Sometimes Works Mindlessly Feature

Over the last few episodes, I talked about the possible reasons why work is done mindlessly. An OFS doesn’t do mindless work most of the time because mindless work is not natural to Filipinos. Filipinos like doing their best in anything they do; they go above and beyond what’s expected of them. There will always […]