Making Time and Money Through Outsourcing with Nate Woodbury

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As a business owner, there is only so much that you can do on your own. There will be days when you’ll feel stressed out and overwhelmed. Your business might even suffer because you’ve lost focus due to how busy you’ve become. Don’t wait for that to happen. Try outsourcing! But how do you outsource […]

Karin Carr – What Is A Virtual Assistant?

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“I have so many designations, I can’t even remember what they all are!” That’s Karin Carr. A successful, and quite funny, real estate agent for 14 years. She has sold over $50 million worth of properties. In 2015, she created a YouTube channel and used the platform to share her real estate knowledge and educate […]

Putting yourself in a position for success – Mike Jackness Case Study

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When your employees are successful, your business is successful. Sounds easy but Mike had a hard time getting there. Wanna hear his story? You can check the interview in the video above I interviewed Mike again because I was really fascinated by his hiring process. It’s a process most business owners would envy. It’s practically automated and […]

From Business Owner To CEO – How To Do It Through Outsourcing

From Business Owner To CEO - How To Do It Through Outsourcing

One thing we have noticed about people who successfully outsource through is they can’t help but talk about it. They don’t talk just to flex about how good they are at outsourcing. They share their stories because they sincerely want to share and help other people to outsource better as well. The thing about […] Podcast

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We all know John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of the award-winning podcast, Entrepreneur On Fire. What most people probably don’t know about him is, like most entrepreneurs, he outsources. Why? Because if you want to do more for your business, you’re going to need help. And the most cost-effective way to do […]

How To Compute for Filipino VA Benefits

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Outsourcing is not for the faint of heart. The hiring process alone is rigorous — it’s not a walk in the park if you’re sifting through a hundred applicants per day. What’s more, it couldn’t be helped that you might be going through a number of VAs first before you finally find the perfect one. […]

Why you SHOULDN’T do a Skype interview when hiring a VA – Practical Advice


Yes, I am aware it goes against conventional recruiting knowledge. But over the years, I’ve seen that I have better success hiring Filipino virtual assistants when I don’t do Skype interviews. However, I have seen people do it successfully. That’s why I am amending my stance on this. I still don’t think you should do […]

Taal Volcano Relief: What You Need To Know

The Taal Volcano announcement made worldwide news due to the devastation it has caused. Unfortunately, some Filipino virtual assistants have been affected by this natural disaster. Is my virtual assistant affected? If your VA is based in the provinces of Batangas, Cavite or Laguna, then YES, they are affected. How badly they are affected though, […]