Evaluating VA Profiles When Recruiting On OnlineJobs.ph – Practical Advice


When you’re looking through so many jobseeker profiles, it becomes hard to figure out which ones have the potential to work and which ones don’t. Finding the best worker for the job isn’t just about getting the person with the most experience or the best qualifications. It’s also having to look at their personality and […]

Growth to Freedom Podcast with Dan Kuschell


After outsourcing for over 10 years and filling over 150,000 jobs, we here at Onlinejobs.ph have seen first hand how outsourcing done right can make a big impact on your business. That’s the reason why Dan Kuschell interviewed me for his podcast. The way we outsource contradicts what most people say about outsourcing but it […]

Outsourcing for Amazon Ecommerce Businesses – Aaron Cordovez

Aaron Cordovez 02

It’s an exciting time to be Aaron Cordovez right now. His Amazon/E-commerce business which he started in 2015 is growing so fast they had to hire virtual assistants. He’s about to hit the $10 million mark. And he’s found the outsourcing system that really works his business that allows him to scale up and get the […]

Don’t Shortlist VA Candidates: Here’s Why! – Practical Advice


Some people complain that they can’t find anyone on our platform. And when we ask them how they use Onlinejobs.ph, we’re surprised to find that most of them make this mistake: they shortlist candidates right away. This is something we don’t recommend you do for a number of reasons: Onlinejobs.ph isn’t your typical “freelancing” platform. […]

Outsourcing for Insurance and Finance Businesses – Ethan Kap

Ethan Kap

Ethan Kap’s outsourcing story is amazing. I relate to him so much because: we both have very technical businesses,  we have been outsourcing for just as long, and  we have fairly large teams of Filipino virtual assistants. To give you a bit of background, Ethan works in the finance industry. He has 2 companies and […]

Posting a Job vs Searching Resumes – Practical Advice


The reason I created Onlinejobs.ph is because I wanted to give myself and other business owners the best platform to find the right virtual assistant for their business. And once you use our website, you’ll see that there are 2 ways you can go at it. You can either post a job or search for […]

9 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines


Even through a hurricane, your business won’t stop running as long as you have a virtual assistant by your side. Seriously, that was what happened in this video. Paul Lipsky of dropshippingtitans.com was prepping for a category 5 hurricane. He had no time to work on his million dollar dropshipping business. But thanks to his team […]

How to avoid the middleman and hire Filipino workers direct? Practical Advice


Outsourcing is hassle free when you outsource through an agency! This is how agencies love to market themselves. They use convenience as a justification for exorbitant prices and the work they put in managing your virtual employees. But is it really hassle free? Is it convenient when you can’t train your Virtual Assistant directly or […]

Why Hire Filipino Virtual Assistants? Why The Philippines? Practical Advice


Why do call centers flock to the Philippines? Why do people still choose to outsource to Filipino virtual assistants, despite cheaper alternatives out there? The reasons the Philippines continues to be the best place to outsource, the best place to find virtual assistants, are listed below: Honestly Loyalty Intelligent and educated Computer and internet access […]

What Kind Of Virtual Assistant Should You Hire First? Practical Advice


Last time I talked about when to know if you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant. For this video, we start talking about who to hire first. Most people go into outsourcing in the beginning to hire an “expert”. It makes sense. If there’s something in your business that you don’t know how to do, […]