Fostering Open Communication with Your OFS

How important is communication in a remote team?

The answer is simple: It builds trust.

Filipinos are highly efficient and often require minimal supervision. However, they do still need some feedback for their tasks, especially the more challenging ones. As the client, they expect you to let them know if they did a good job. They also need to know when they’ve committed a mistake. 

But most importantly, you need to work with them on correcting the mistake.  This gives them enough ammunition to avoid committing it again. They may feel bad about this, but they will appreciate it. 

This builds a safe space where they can approach you whenever they see a potential issue that could arise. Otherwise, they might just walk away. You end up losing someone who could have been a big asset for your growing business. 

I Don’t Have Time To Go on a Call with My OFS

Let’s face it: there aren’t always enough hours in a day to squeeze in a quick video or audio call with your online Filipino specialist.

And to be honest, the OFS may be hesitant to go on a live call with you. There could be a million things happening in their lives that can make them feel embarrassed to go on a client call. 

But communication doesn’t always have to be through live calls, especially in the digital world. 

If you’re using a project management tool like Basecamp or Trello for assigning tasks, a simple comment would do. If the output requires more in-depth feedback, you can use a video recording tool like Loom or Snagit to record your feedback.

The bottomline is, just because your OFS is highly efficient and doesn’t ask for your attention, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to give it to them. Establishing regular communication with your OFS will boost their confidence. Pretty soon, you’ll realize that they’re initiating the request for feedback on their work or giving their recommendations even when you don’t ask for it.  Once your OFS gets to this level of comfort, it means you’ve successfully established an open communication path. 

You and your OFS are now on the right path to success. All good for the business!

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