Laziness : Why your OFS Sometimes Work Mindlessly – Practical Advice

It happens to almost all of us; sometimes, we just feel lazy and do work half-heartedly.

If laziness is why your Online Filipino Specialist is working mindlessly, there could be something more behind it.

I asked my OFSs why a task was done mindlessly, and laziness was one of the top reasons they gave me.

The good thing is that laziness doesn’t look like it affects an OFS for an extended period of time. This is just a phase you need to shake your OFS from more often than not. You just need to get to the bottom of what’s causing this behavior.

Sometimes, they might have a lot on their minds — most of the time, they’re going through personal stuff. Try to investigate; you might be able to help.

Other times, they might just have hit a wall; or maybe the job just isn’t challenging enough and makes them lazy.

The worst thing is that there’s no other reason; the person might just like slothing around.

However, I believe that laziness is not innate to Filipinos. If you notice a decline in their outputs, find time to check in on them. This way, you will not only find out the why of the problem, but you might also be able to extend help or find a solution so everything. Everybody is happy, right?

Laziness could also be attributed to us, the employers. Why do I say that? Hear my explanation in this video.

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