How I Outsource Writing To My OFS – Practical Advice

Writing can be a daunting and time-consuming task, especially when it’s not your forte. In the early days of my online business, I found myself buried in writing articles, blog posts, landing pages, and more. It drained me mentally and even physically, leaving me longing for a solution.

That’s when I decided to outsource my writing tasks, and it was a game-changer.

At first, I hired someone who needed guidance and improvement in their writing skills. I provided structure and grammar corrections to ensure the content met my standards. Eventually, I found a talented writer who didn’t require extensive training. Her fluency in English was commendable, but we had to address a few grammar differences between American and Filipino English.

Collaborating with a skilled writer opened up a world of possibilities. Instead of shouldering the burden of generating all the ideas myself, she contributed topic suggestions and brainstorming sessions.

We became a creative duo – enhancing the quality of our content. I helped her adapt her writing style to match mine to ensure consistency. It took time and constructive feedback, but she captured my conversational tone successfully.

To maintain high-quality output, I introduced a Grammarly subscription for error detection and hired a quality assurance (QA) person to ensure flawless flow and correct any grammar or tense issues. Now, our newsletter production follows a streamlined process. Either I provide bullet points, and Julia writes the content, or Julia generates ideas and provides the outline for me to add my touch. Before publishing, each newsletter undergoes Grammarly and my personal review.

Outsourcing writing tasks not only saves time but also produces better results. It allows me to focus on impactful activities for the business while ensuring the content aligns with my vision.

If content creation is a vital part of your business, consider hiring someone who can produce high-quality work in your voice. It’s liberating, and you’ll witness a significant improvement in productivity and creativity.

If you’re interested in learning more about my process for hiring exceptional individuals and want to find a great person for your business, check out and join my One VA Away challenge, where I guide you through the steps to find the perfect fit and guarantee your success from the start.

Don’t let writing become a roadblock; instead, leverage the power of outsourcing to unlock your business’s potential.

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