Five Roles Your Virtual Assistant Can Manage For Your Online Store

Many entrepreneurs are new to e-commerce and find early success with building brand and niche e-commerce stores. But the day-to-day operations eventually become overwhelming. Some burn out from all of the work. Eventually, their sales will slowly decline as they are buried deeper in administrative tasks instead of focusing on growth.

There is another way.

Giving up some control can free up a lot of time spent on mundane tasks. After years of working with hundreds of e-commerce store owners, we have identified a few easily outsourced roles to Online Filipino Specialists.

Customer Service
1 Customer Service
This is the most obvious role to outsource because this takes up the most time. Answering emails, telephone calls, and live chat messages can interrupt your workflow. Handing it over to an OFS frees up a ton of time to work on other things.

Social Media
2 Social Media
Keeping up with social media posts, engagements, and messages is a time-consuming task. Just like with customer service, an OFS can do your social media. They can make content, respond to messages, run ads, even create marketing campaigns so your social accounts can contribute more to your business.

Order Processing & Management

If you’re working with dropshipping vendors, print-on-demand vendors, or third-party logistics, an OFS can easily take over the tasks like:

  • Placing orders on time with suppliers,
  • Managing the progress of the sales,
  • Communicating with customers, and
  • Notifying you if there’s a problem.

Suppose you’re manually exporting orders and modifying CSV files or spreadsheets to send to a supplier. In that case, an OFS will likely do a better job because they can focus on it.

Photo Editing
3 Photo Editing
In this day and age, unless you are a Photoshop expert, there’s no reason you can’t hire a part or full-time graphic designer to manage your photo editing. This person can also create social media images and advertising images for your business. You can also have a graphic designer assist with product and packaging design.

Website and Marketplace Listings (Including Amazon)

If you’ve ever said something like, “I’ve been meaning to list my products on Amazon/Etsy, but I just haven’t had the time,” you should hire an OFS. Migrating products from an e-commerce platform to Amazon is a tedious process, and while there are many tools to automate the cross-posting, they don’t write the descriptions for you.

Selling on third-party marketplaces often requires adjusting product descriptions and sales copy to match the marketplace’s format, getting a better ranking in the search/browse results, and getting a better sell-through. An Online Filipino Specialist can do all of this for you.

While this is only a list of five roles you can outsource, you can easily outsource more once you’re experienced working with Online Filipino Specialists.

Start small, and grow from there. You’ll be happy you did.


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About John Jonas

John Jonas is a long-time outsourcing expert and the creator of

Since 2005, John has taught hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs how to profitably delegate to VAs in the Philippines (and get their lives back in the process).

With help from his own VAs based in the Philippines, John has created an outsourcing empire that allows him to work 17 hours/week and to spend most of his time with his wife and 5 kids.

Find John at and Facebook.

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  1. Amani says

    Looking at prices for virtual assistant for ecoommerce.we are based in bew zealand.
    Aocial media
    Ebay content

  2. Destiny Wonders says

    Pls.train your VA’s to be more professional and have good ethics. In US and Canada we pay after the expected goals are reached and done. Va’s should have communicated with the customer what he/she is currently doing according to what we told them to do not what they wanted to do.Whatis not good in some of your VA’s, they wanted money even if they have not done anything and telling that they needed money for their families needs. They should earn the money doing their job and be paid for their services not for what their needs.

    • says

      @Destiny – You should think of these VA’s more like local employees rather than as someone you only pay when they get a job done. A local employee would get paid regardless of how much they accomplished. If you train them better, they’ll accomplish more.
      These people in the Philippines are just a more affordable version of a local employee.

      PS. we don’t train them at all. We have 300,000+ resumes of workers who want jobs. they have all kinds of varied skill sets. Recruit someone and train them to do what you want them to do.

  3. Jay says

    I’d like to know more please. I’m in the process of listing my first product on Amazon/ Ebay etc and would like support to push my DJ page on facebook/Insta etc

  4. Cody Alexander says

    Hi I am looking at someone who will be able to transfer products from my suppliers portal and either transfer manually which I have been doing or simplifying this process for me. I am an Australian website but am based in New Zealand. Please advise as I over the manual process of this. Thanks

    • hasit tanya says

      hello cody i can help you with these type of job as i have prior experience as a virtual assistant.

      • says

        Applying here in is the same as applying a job in real life. Make sure your profile/application is attractive enough to convince employers to contact and hire you.

        You can apply for any of the jobs posted here or on our website by signing up for an jobseeker account. It’s completely free and takes only minutes to apply. Having a jobseeker account also gives you access to thousands of new online jobs daily.

        To start the registration process, just follow this link ===>

        Once you’ve completed your profile, you can start searching for the job that you want here ===>

        You can find a wide variety of full-time, part-time and project-based jobs there, from data entry, design, writing, programming, and more!

        The job posts would contain all the information you need to apply for that position.

    • imani says

      Hey my name is imani lawi from tanzania i can do any thing to this firm so if you need some one you can contact me

      • says

        Thank you for your interest in Unfortunately, at the moment we’re focusing in providing jobs mainly for Filipinos based in the Philippines. For online jobs within your country, you can try signing up for UpWork or Freelancer.

  5. Ross says

    I think a BIG skill missed in this excellent blog post (and one that is very underrated) is researching. It takes a long time to research a new business venture but if you have a VA find and collate the necessary information because they have 8 hours a day and 5 days a week, you get all the information you need without wasting time, to make the decisions you need.

  6. Jenny says

    Looking to outsource account receivables. Calling customer to find out status of me if interested .
    Also loooking for help with social media postings

  7. Willyn anave says

    Im currently working here in hongkong, post graduate of business administration major in financial management, i have read your ad on my fb account while browsing my news feed ,im interested to have a part time ,can you help me to get into it.thanks!

    • says

      Thank you for your interest in Unfortunately, at the moment we’re focusing in providing jobs mainly for Filipinos based in the Philippines. For online jobs within your country, you can try signing up for UpWork or Freelancer.

    • says

      Thank you for your interest in Unfortunately, at the moment we’re focusing in providing jobs mainly for Filipinos based in the Philippines. For online jobs within your country, you can try signing up for UpWork or Freelancer.

  8. Yossi says

    Hello. I see there are VAs for amazon listing, but is there any knowledge about amazon sales channel in shopify…? Because in my opinion it’s more complex… Is it something known for VAs in you experience ?

  9. Michael says

    Hi, I am currently looking for an online jobs. I have 6 years background in customer service. Hoping to be one of your list of employees.

  10. Hire Virtual Assistants says

    I totally agree with you. In fact there are many other tasks that a VA can perform for you. some of them are product listing & uploading, data entry, checking the mails, social media management, article and blog writings and many more. I am really glad to tell yopu that i have hired a VA for my business and he performs all these tasks.

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