EOFire.com Podcast

We all know John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of the award-winning podcast, Entrepreneur On Fire. What most people probably don’t know about him is, like most entrepreneurs, he outsources. Why? Because if you want to do more for your business, you’re going to need help. And the most cost-effective way to do […]

Building a Million Dollar Business With Loyal Rockstars

A guest post by Mike Jackness from Ecomcrew.com I sold one of my brands, ColorIt.com in early 2019 for just over $1million. One of the biggest reasons I was able to get this high of a valuation for my company was because of our incredible team of VAs based in Cebu. In this article, I’ll […]

2018 Virtual Assistant Salaries in the Philippines

Please check our Updated Salary Guide Virtual assistant salaries are varied, and will depend on the skill in which they specialize. As it usually goes, the more technical your skill set is, the higher your pay will be. Below is a guide we’ve prepared for job seekers and employers alike. Virtual Assistant $510 $200-$1190 Amazon […]

4 Important Things To Remember When Firing Someone

Sometimes, it’s time to let go of the virtual assistant you hired. It may be because they’re underperforming, or maybe because they’ve outgrown their initial purpose for your business. Maybe your company is shrinking, or maybe you just want to be smarter with the decisions you make about how many people to hire at a […]

Are you trying to hire Tony Stark for $1.25/hr? Ain’t gonna happen.

Every employer wants to hire the “perfect candidate.” That’s understandable. But Last week, I received two emails that made me want to poke my eyes out. They came from two different employers, but the content was essentially the same. Both employers had sent me their OnlineJobs.ph job posts for review. Both wanted to hire the […]

Dennis Yu of BlitzMetrics – An Onlinejobs.ph Success Story!

Dennis Yu Facebook Post Screen Capture

Occasionally, we discover content from employers showing how they use Onlinejobs.ph to benefit their businesses. We absolutely love seeing this because it helps us achieve our mission of uniting businesses with Filipino Virtual Assistants to create win-win scenarios. We came across this incredible Facebook post from Dennis Yu, the Chief Technology Officer at BlitzMetrics. We […]

From Regular Office-Worker to Getting National Success- Julia’s Success Story as a Virtual Assistant

Finding a job hasn’t been a particularly difficult task for Julia Romana. Throughout her life, the bright, self-driven mother has been employed in distinguished capacities, such as a researcher for the University of Philippines and a medical information analyst for the Innodata corporation. Still, no level of prestige could make up for the difficulties Julia […]

Studying Abroad – Like a Boss

Everybody has a dream they weren’t able to pursue because of uncontrollable circumstances. However, there are also blessings in life that allow us to finally reach for our dreams. For Donabel, our email and chat support representative, it was her online work that enabled her to study abroad and take the first step closer to […]

How a Retail Store Owner Uses Philippines Workers to Best the Competition

Marcella runs a brick and mortar retail store and uses Onlinejobs.ph to recruit employees in the Philippines to assist with the store marketing and operations. We got the chance to chat with her and ask a few questions about her experience: Your story is really unusual, because you hired Virtual Assistants to help with your […]