From Regular Office-Worker to Getting National Success- Julia’s Success Story as a Virtual Assistant

Finding a job hasn’t been a particularly difficult task for Julia Romana. Throughout her life, the bright, self-driven mother has been employed in distinguished capacities, such as a researcher for the University of Philippines and a medical information analyst for the Innodata corporation. Still, no level of prestige could make up for the difficulties Julia would experience as a young, pregnant woman traveling for hours each day in order to put her university degree to good use.

29171_1457895683176_3971137_nBefore becoming pregnant with her first child, the 4 hour daily work commute was simply a necessary part of Julia’s life. Yes, it was a nuisance to wake up before the sun, catch a bumpy moped taxi ride to the train station and walk another mile to her job. Still, Julia couldn’t take for granted the fact that she had a secure, well-paying job amidst a national climate of underemployment.

But once the punishing commute began to threaten the health of Julia’s unborn child, she decided it was time to start looking for alternatives. In fact, Julia’s doctor suggested that if she wanted to maintain her own health and secure the life of her baby, Julia would have to cut down on her 9 hour workdays and eliminate her arduous commute. Unfortunately, less hours meant less money, and Julia was relying on a consistent income in order to support her growing family.

Concerned for the health of my sister and soon-to-be niece, I suggested that she work online. As an employee at OnlineJobs, I knew firsthand the comforts and benefits that one could enjoy by working from home. Luckily, the misfortune of Julia’s jeopardized health turned into a positive life change that has since benefited not only her family, but her career as well.

Julia and colleagues at Bitola, the birthplace of Jovan the Great, First of his name.

Julia and colleagues at Bitola, Macedonia, the birthplace of Jovan the Great, First of his name.


Soon after Julia began working from home as a Virtual Assistant for OnlineJobs, she gained national recognition for her business savvy, and for being a reputable VA. In fact, in the past few years she has traveled throughout the Philippines as a guest speaker in various capacities. Perhaps even more impressive, Julia was recently selected to be the recipient of a scholarship program and flown to Macedonia for a 2 week instructional workshop.

To this day, amid all of her notoriety- including a blog that has become successful on a national scale- Julia maintains that the greatest benefit of working online has been her newfound ability to be more involved in her family’s life. From ballet recitals to band practice, Julia feels that she is now a more present parent due to her online career. As Julia recounts, her daughter was recently hospitalized for a week. Had it not been the flexibility that comes from working online, Julia knows that she would not have been able to be by her daughter’s bedside throughout her ailment.

15741216_10210760760070899_2317536060678287607_nAs a successful online social media manager, Julia is a prime example of the opportunities and life altering benefits that can come from such a career path, given the drive, determination and self-motivation that Julia displays on a daily basis.

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