You Don’t Know If You Can Keep An OFS Busy – Practical Advice

One common concern when considering hiring is the fear of not having enough work to keep someone busy. It’s a hesitation I understand because I had it too in the beginning. I was not sure I could keep someone busy, among other concerns like affordability and quality of work. However, this concern is more about […]

Let’s Talk About Failure With OFS – Practical Advice

Every day, my inbox is flooded with emails from employers, people who have used, those exploring its potential, and those who have experienced triumphs and setbacks. It is a constant stream of stories, emotions, and lessons. And I’m here to share them all with you. The messages range from glowing testimonials about the incredible […]

How Can I Give My OFS More Tasks? – Practical Advice

Picture this: You’ve hired an Online Filipino Specialist to handle some of your workload. But instead of overwhelming them with a laundry list of tasks, you start with one task you know inside and out. This allows you to work closely with your OFS, training them thoroughly and ensuring they nail it! The secret here […]

How To Outsource Tasks You DON’T KNOW How To Do? – Practical Advice Outsourcing can be a powerful tool for business growth, but knowing how to navigate the process is key. One effective strategy is to start by delegating tasks you already know how to do. Doing this lets you set clear expectations, hire the right talent, and provide relevant feedback and training. It simplifies the entire […]

Do Brownouts happen often in the Philippines? – Practical Advice

Brownouts are common in the Philippines. Well, it’s actually a blackout. The term “brownout” comes from the dimming of incandescent lighting when the voltage reduces.  Brownouts are unintentional or intentional drops in the amount of voltage an electrical grid puts out. This reduction in electrical power happens when there is increased use of electricity and […]

Hiring an OFS without making mistakes – Practical Advice

The question isn’t if you should outsource; it’s how to do it. When I first started outsourcing, I outsourced through an agency. The agency provided the VA. They have a pool of people that they have vetted ready to work. After a week, the first VA they provided quit, saying that he didn’t know how […]

Letting Go of a Difficult Task – Practical Advice

When you started your business, it was all on you. Every task, every little detail depended on you. When your business starts growing, you will need help. Whether you hire someone locally or outsource, you will have to let go of the tasks you are so used to doing. In life, letting go is never […]