How To Outsource Tasks You DON’T KNOW How To Do? – Practical Advice

Outsourcing can be a powerful tool for business growth, but knowing how to navigate the process is key.

One effective strategy is to start by delegating tasks you already know how to do. Doing this lets you set clear expectations, hire the right talent, and provide relevant feedback and training. It simplifies the entire outsourcing experience.

But what about tasks you don’t know how to do?

In such cases, it’s important to evaluate whether your current outsourcing team can handle them or if hiring someone else is necessary.

 Consider these factors: 

  • task size,
  • availability of training resources,
  • the interest and skills of your current team of OFS.

If your existing team can handle the task or can be trained, it’s a good idea to delegate it to them. They already have your trust and a working relationship, making the process smoother.

However, additional steps are required for unfamiliar tasks without existing team members who can take them on. Research the skills required and seek guidance from experts or friends in the industry.

Online platforms like can provide valuable insights into the skills needed. 

When hiring, be clear about your lack of expertise and request proposals from applicants. This helps filter out candidates who require excessive direction.

Remember, expertise often comes with a higher price tag. While cost is a consideration, investing in experienced individuals usually yields better results.

When reviewing proposals, aim to comprehend the plan outlined by applicants. If multiple candidates present similar strategies, it solidifies their approach. However, if you find it difficult to grasp a plan, it’s essential to seek clarification or consider alternatives. Understanding the process is crucial for effective management, even if you lack expertise in the area.

Outsourcing tasks beyond your skill set may be challenging, but it’s certainly achievable with careful planning, effective communication, and leveraging resources like

Embrace the opportunity to expand your team’s capabilities and reap the benefits of outsourcing. It may require additional effort, but the long-term rewards make it worthwhile.

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