How We Overcomplicate OFS – Practical Advice

I started outsourcing without any blueprint – I just jumped right in without even knowing if the pond was deep or if I’d find any fish there. I did it because I believed that, well, everything will just fall into place. Fast forward to today, now helps millions of business owners grow their businesses […]

How We Deal With Holidays and Paid Time Off – Practical Advice

I received an email from Mike asking me how I deal with holidays and time-off with the Online Filipino Specialists (OFS). Mike said he gives his 14 OFS 25 days off a year. He found that rather than going into the specifics on US versus Philippines holidays and time-off, he gives his OFS 25 paid […]

When Your OFS Can’t Take Praise or Criticism – Practical Advice

Does your Online Filipino Specialist (OFS) have low self-esteem? Do they ever thank you for your feedback and not consider it negative criticism? The Filipino culture is one of the most unique in the world, and it’s also challenging for many people who need to become more familiar with it.  For some reason, Filipinos don’t […]

Why I Won’t Recruit For You – Practical Advice

I always receive requests from employers asking me to recruit someone for them. But my answer remains the same: No. Why? Simple. I may be good at recruiting since the first person I hired in 2005 still works for me today, but I am not good at recruiting for you. I believe that hiring isn’t […]

Improvements on for YOU! – Practical Advice

We are always making improvements to serve you better!  We know that it’s not easy to trust someone who’s on the other side of the world, let alone have someone work on your business! Here at, we pride ourselves in connecting you with real people in the Philippines who can build a working relationship […]

The Weirdest Places Your OFS Has Worked – Practical Advice

Pandemic restrictions are starting to loosen up all over the world. The Philippines has not been as quick to do the same, but regulations are lessening, and people can finally travel! Your OFS may be traveling soon, maybe for vacation, or perhaps a change of scenery while working. The great thing about outsourcing is that […]

How Payoneer works together with

Whether you’re an employer or a freelancer, there’s one issue around gig work that’s always a concern, and that’s managing payment. Freelancers want fast and flexible access to funds, employers want low-cost payment methods, and both of them want secure and transparent payment processing.  That’s why built its own payment feature called EasyPay, to […]

Trust, Consideration and Kindness – Practical Advice

The world is beautiful, and when we do good in it, we get more than we give. The same thing happens when you go out of your way to show trust and consideration to your Online Filipino Specialist (OFS) — they will feel safe and comfortable enough to trust you, and they’ll be more likely […]

Pay Your Newly Hired OFS Weekly – Practical Advice

If you’re looking to hire someone in the Philippines, they may be worried that you will scam them. This is a big concern for them, and it’s one of the first things I tell people looking to hire an Online Filipino Specialist. One of the best ways to gain their trust is by paying them […]