From Diagnosis to Dream Career: Ellaine’s Inspiring Story

We rarely share stories about the triumphs of Online Filipino Specialists who found success through, and we want to change that.

Let me share Ellaine’s inspiring story.

Ellaine’s life took an unexpected turn at just 19, she was diagnosed with type one diabetes during her college years, studying speech pathology.

The diagnosis brought immense challenges, but she was determined to adapt.

Managing her health became a priority as insulin injections, blood sugar checks, and dietary control became a daily routine. The frequent need for restroom breaks during her commute added to the challenges.

Before her diagnosis, Ellaine co-owned a clinic that offered services for children with special needs. However, the pandemic forced them to close their doors to avoid bankruptcy.

During this time, Ellaine remembered her account, originally created to explore new career opportunities. With the pandemic accelerating change, she decided to become an online freelancer. She connected with a health and fitness coach in Florida, initially hired as a Facebook engager.

Recognizing her potential, he entrusted her with more responsibilities, eventually making her an account executive.

As their business expanded, Ellaine saw an opportunity to involve her family, including her daughters and younger sister, in the team. This not only strengthened their family bonds, but also allowed her to manage her diabetes more effectively.

With a personalized workout and nutrition plan created by nothing less than her boss, who is a health and fitness coach, Ellaine finds joy and fulfillment in her work.

Looking ahead, Ellaine envisions herself continuing this journey as an Online Filipino Specialist, contributing to her boss’ success even into retirement.

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