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Ryan is known as the Amazon and eBay Guru on youtube, and Amazon FBA sellers go to his channel to increase their sales and grow their business. His channel is all about teaching people the best techniques in selling on Amazon and showing tools that you can use to grow your own business. So if you’re an Amazon seller who would love to grow your business then just head out and subscribe to his channel right now.

The Amazon and eBay Guru has over 2,000 subscribers and youtube, and that’s not something he just does alone. He was able to achieve all this with the help of some guys he found on onlinejobs.ph. They did a lot of things from video editing, to his accounting. In this video, he shares his experience and also gives some tips on how you can also find a great team like he did.

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Onlinejobs.ph Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Hey guys my name is Ryan and I am the Amazon and eBay guru on YouTube. I run both Amazon and eBay stores as well as teach people how to create online businesses using Amazon and eBay. And with doing that business, a lot of time is very time consuming, a lot of hard work especially for just one person to do, so I wanted to find a better way.

I came across onlinejobs.ph, and ever since I’ve been using it for the past just over a year it has completely changed my life. The workers that I’ve hired through onlinejobs.ph are all virtual assistants to me.

They are living in the Philippines but working for my business here in Canada, so they’re able to do task over the internet and through email and through Skype and we’re able to communicate every day but they don’t have to physically be in Canada where my business is they can be in the Philippines. And they’re able to have a job that they’re able to work from home and support their families as well as really help my business grow. They’ve been able to help me with tasks like listing, accounting with my video editing for my YouTube channel, they’ve just like I’ve had many different employees that I’ve hired through onlinejobs.ph and it’s really, really been helpful to me.

And if you guys have not checked out onlinejobs.ph yet for either hiring virtual assistants or if you live in the Philippines to apply as a virtual assistant and get a virtual assistant work from home job then you guys gonna check it out because they are by far the best online virtual assistant hiring platform that I have ever used and I will never use anything else. They are the only place where I hire virtual assistants from and I’ve used a few other sites and onlinejobs.ph is by far the best. So let’s jump into my laptop now and we are going to check some of the features of onlinejobs.ph.

All right guys so we are on the onlinejobs.ph website now and this is what their homepage looks like and I’m just gonna go through a few things that you can do through this website. So if you’re one of the people who’s looking to hire a virtual assistant on onlinejobs.ph, then you can post your jobs from here. So you go to post a job and you can literally post.

First just register for the site if you don’t already have an account. and then you can post jobs through that now. Now, here are some of the current draw posts so as you can see there’s a lot and you may think like okay well I can see their looks like there’s probably like 40 50 thousand job postings here. And will I even get anyone responding to me and the answer to that is yes you definitely will basically within a few hours of posting a job depending on what time it is in the Philippines. You will definitely get responses I mean unless your job posting is way too low a pay rate or something like that. Because you do have to pay the Filipino Virtual Assistants, still a livable wage of course you’re able to still get them for a significantly lower price for highly qualified individuals than you would say if you were living in the United States or in Canada where there’s minimum wages and stuff like that. But you can still get highly qualified people working for you for very reasonable prices.

So let’s just say for example, we want a someone to help us with a social media account, so say you have an online business or a business and you need to grow your social media presence so you can see some of the current job postings and these are some of the stuff that’s been posted even just today.

So June 14th and you can see $3 US per hour or $400 per month, which is very reasonable for qualified employees. So you can either like get ideas for example, this is one here and they are looking for someone to help with their e-commerce business, and grow their social media presence, managing their social media accounts, managing their Instagram, managing their Facebook, and posting ads, and stuff like that.

So you can if you needed something like this you can make your post very similar to these ones all of course don’t copy them exactly but make them very similar and that can give you an idea on how to post a job if you’ve never posted one before.
Let’s go through some of the other stuff, so if you are looking for jobs then of course you can go through these also if your virtual assistant looking for jobs and you’re qualified in one of these categories, then click on the category and go through them and you can apply rate through onlinejobs.ph.

And as you can see the businesses that have recruited Filipino workers on onlinejobs.ph, 51 Talk, Speedo, Google, Canva, Uber and Abs-Cbn. So as you can see big name company is pretty impressive. Onlinejobs.ph has gained a very, very good name for themselves. And like I said I’ve been using them for just over a year now and they have been top-notch.

The nice thing is you can if you’re on the hiring side you can sign up and there’s no you’re not locked in so there’s no ongoing commitment or fees you’re stuck in staff works from home at the most reasonable rates in the world.

But the nice thing is the cost of living is very low in the Philippines so you have to keep in mind that this is not some sort of like labor issue where you’re paying them below a livable wage. Because the cost of living is a lot lower in the Philippines, so it’s cheaper to live there so of course you’re paying them less than you would as you would pay in your own country but you have to keep in mind the cost of living is significantly lower in the Philippines that it is say in the United States.

For example your staff works on your own terms so they’re gonna be either part-time, full-time hourly, or salaried basically whatever you want as you can see they have an insanely large database of Filipino workers. They have more than 250,000 profiles and 10,000 more join each month, so definitely a lot of qualified employees and virtual assistants to choose from. And onlinejobs.ph is just the marketplace, you recruit and hire on your own terms.

You can watch your employee working through a program that they have rate through onlinejobs.ph and it’s called time proof. So you can see exactly what your employee or your virtual assistant is doing and it will take a screenshot every 10 minutes on their computer screen and you can go through that and see that they’re staying on task and if they’re not, then that’s time to talk to them about it and maybe make some decisions there because you want your employees and your virtual assistants to be staying on task.

And from the experience that I’ve had on onlinejobs.ph, all the employees that I have had have stayed very on-task they’ve been amazing workers they’ll work I’d say like a 8 or a 10-hour day and I’ll never see them on Facebook or on any other web sites that aren’t pertaining to growing my business and doing normal business operations of what they would be doing in a day to day basis to help grow my business.

So that’s been amazing this ads trust between the workers and the employees. So, there’s proof for getting paid for the workers automatic time tracking, automatic reporting, automatic screenshots, and automatic proof.
And it’s very similar for the employer that tracks the employee’s time, see screenshots of the work time, nothing to download, no guesswork or hunches and once again automatic proof. So that’s a huge perk of using onlinejobs.ph is that they have the time proof and then if you want to look at the pricing of what the current pricing is on onlinejobs.ph, there is a free trial.
So basically the free version you can post 3 job posts, it takes two days for your job to get approved and you can just view applications but you can’t contact the workers. So you can try this out and see if there’s gonna be any interest in the positions that you’re going to post. And if you find that there’s gonna be interest and you’re interested in hiring some of the people that are contacting you, then you do need to upgrade to the pro account. But I highly recommend it.

So with the pro account you can have three job posts but the job post approval time is instant, so as soon as you type out that job post and hit post it will be instantly available for people to apply for and for you to hire people from. You can contact 75 workers for a month and it also includes the ability to read worker reviews, hire workers, use Titan proofs, and bookmark workers. And then the premium, of course if you have a larger business this is what I use because I hire a lot of virtual assistants for my business. And I just continue to hire more and more so I like to have the ability to post 10 job posts at any given time.

Once again the job post approval time is instant you can view applications, you get 500 contacts for a month which is huge. I really like that because I’ve never get I don’t even get close to contacting 500 per month so, that’s awesome. You get unlimited background checks which you don’t get with the other two.

And I really like this because you can do a background check on this potential employee that you’re going to hire. And with this background check it will give you all sorts of information about whether or not this employee is trustworthy and whether or not it gives you like valid information about whether or not you should hire them or not too.

So I really, really like that and that’s why if I recommend anything I highly recommend the premium account. And it also gives you a video guide outsourcing and it gives you up to ten users for the worker coaching service which is all another awesome service that is included with that top plan. And that one’s only $99 a month guys so if you think about the amount of money that you’re going to save in paying employees at a lower rate of pay each hour, then you are literally gonna save so much. $99 per month is not that much and like this says below if you aren’t 100% satisfied, onlinejobs.ph has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you aren’t satisfied they will give you your money back and it’s nice to have that satisfaction guarantee. But honestly you don’t really need it because of the fact that this site is legit and you guys will love it and the workers that you can hire can literally change your life because they can help cut down on the tedious tasks like accounting and day-to-day bookkeeping and stuff like that. And they can also help you grow your business. They can do product research for you and this is just from an Amazon standpoint like literally any business definitely ways that Filipino virtual assistants can help you. And that’s why you need to use onlinejobs.ph. It is by far the best and I can’t say enough good things about it and if there’s anywhere you’re gonna hire a virtual assistant from make sure you do it on onlinejobs.ph.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and thank you so much for watching.

Are you ready to give it a try? With Ryan’s video, you can see that it’s super easy to find a virtual assistant that can help you with your business needs, whether you’re running a youtube channel, or a mom and pop store. To start looking for someone who can help with your business, visit onlinejobs.ph.


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