Pros and Cons of Video Interviews – Practical Advice

It’s become increasingly common for employers to conduct video interviews as part of their hiring process.

And while many people still wonder about the benefits and drawbacks of this approach, I personally don’t like doing video interviews. I don’t do video interviews when I recruit people. But I understand why people like them and continue to do them.

I know how hard it can be to find the perfect candidate. So here’s my advice:

  • First, try not to dive straight into video interviews. It’s much easier to weed people out through email, and you’ll be able to gauge their interest more quickly.
  • Second, if you’re only looking for a few candidates, don’t do five or ten video interviews—it takes a lot of time, and there’s a lot less to go through.

Third, prepare some questions ahead so that if the interview goes in various directions, you don’t get stuck on one question you didn’t think of. 

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