The Philippines Holiday Calendar for 2022 – Practical Advice

Let’s talk about the Philippine Holidays.

 Do you need to know this?

 Yes! And we have updated our calendar, so the 2022 holiday calendar Philippines is here! 

 Knowing when the holidays are will help you understand when to offer your OFS paid time off

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  1. Anabella M. Bacolot says

    I am looking for an online job…I just want to know what is your business. Thank you for replying.

    • says

      Hi Anabella,

      Thank you for your comment. We are, a job board platform where you can look for online jobs & where employers can look for outsourced staff in the Philippines and make job posts as well

  2. Joseph Sales says


    Good day!

    I am interested in applying for this Job position, feel free to send me information. Thank you

  3. Arjean Penaso says

    Hi Jessica,
    I’m looking for an Australian loans processing or mortgage assistant role that would consider a non Australian related work experience. I’ve worked in loans processing role but Philippine based only. I also have a remote work experience in an Australian company but not a financial firm.

  4. Joylyn Alejandro says

    Hi, Jessica,

    I’m looking for a job as an Amazon Product Researcher Specialist.
    Can you pls. help me?
    Thank you.

  5. Leoneth Kristel A. Baldelovar says

    Hi! Are there any jobs that accept the ID of 25? Especially about writings.

  6. Ginalyn Retulla says

    Hi, I would like to apply for any position that commensurates with my qualifications. Thank you.


    Hi, i’m from Philippines. I’m very interested on this job. I think it suits my qualifications.

  8. Mary Anne says

    Good Day!
    I have been working in the corporate world for the past 20+ years and have tried applying for online/work from home jobs. Seems I need to have a “niche”. I need help please
    Thank you,
    Mary Anne


    Hi I am looking for a work from home job that suits to my knowledge and skills working in a corporate but it seems that its very hard to look for a job here.

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