How To Hire a Filipino Web Designer

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A website designer creates the layout, visuals, text, and user-friendly navigation for your website. As a small business, your website design has to capture and communicate your brand or online identity at a glance. Do that right and you stand a chance to compete with large corporations. Knowing that, you may be considering outsourcing your […]

So, You Want To Hire An SEO Specialist

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SEO has steadily been one of the most popular responsibilities to outsource because it’s such a tedious job. It takes constant effort. You really have to stay on top of the latest updates. As a result, most entrepreneurs have a tough time personally handling SEO while also focusing on their core business and growth. So, […]

How To Hire A Virtual Assistant To Help You Manage Facebook Ads

How To Hire A Virtual Assistant To Help Your Manage Facebook Ads

Social Media has become the most important component in a lot of people’s lives. Facebook tops the list of social networking sites that people frequently visit and that it has continually been a haven for advertisers to mine valuable customers since its inception. As more internet marketers turn to Facebook advertising to unlock new opportunities, […]

Outsourcing within the Philippines – Locations and Tradeoffs

Outsourcing within the Philippines – Locations and Tradeoffs

The Philippines has always been an outsourcing destination since the 90’s. For years, outsourcing talents has been concentrated in the country’s capital, Manila. To decongest the capital, the government made an effort a decade ago to distribute resources, allowing other cities and regions in the Philippines to undergo a massive industrial and digital transformation. This […]

Outsourcing to Philippines, Getting Work Done in Your Time Zone

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Between New York and the Philippines, there is a 12 hour difference in time zones. On the west coast, there is a 15 hour difference. And for us at, we operate on Mountain time where there is a 14 hour difference. One of the constant client issues we get asked at Onlinejob.Ph is this: […]

How A Real Estate Assistant Can Help You Grow Your Business

How A Real Estate Assistant Can Help You Grow Your Business  Feature

One of the ways you can grow your real estate business is by freeing up the time you spend on mundane and administrative tasks. For many realtors, it’s often cost-prohibitive to hire an assistant, when salary, taxes, benefits and other expenses are included. Many realtors have capitalized on the opportunity to hire a virtual assistant […]

4 Reasons to Hire Filipino Writers – 5 Ways to Make it Happen

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Writing is a key function you should consider outsourcing to the Philippines. In fact, increasingly small- and medium-sized businesses are contracting major portions of their writing tasks to Filipino workers. And the trend of hiring Filipino writers isn’t something we see that’s bound to die down soon. 4 Reasons Why Outsourcing Writing to the Philippines […]

Philippines Or India? Which outsourcing destination is better?

Philippines Or India_ Which outsourcing destination is better_

  I wrote about the 4 reasons why the Philippines is better outsourcing destination extensively in my LinkedIn post. I have another reason to add to that list. This infographic was created by one of my virtual assistants in the Philippines (who is a writer by training) using free software. She pitched me the idea of […]

4 Websites for Hiring Filipino Online Workers Directly


As the Philippines becomes the new India for outsourcing, many small businesses now are asking: What is the most cost-efficient and effective way to search for Filipino online workers? For years, large financial institutions, such as JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, have been outsourcing to the Philippines. They valued the affordability, work ethic, and American […]

Joven’s New Life as a Filipino Virtual Assistant


Joven is like most Filipinos; defined by family. He is first and foremost a husband and father to his growing family. What makes Joven different is that he’s able to provide well for his family without leaving the country or spending most of his time away from them. Joven works from home. His life is […]