6 Reasons We Use Basecamp for Project Management

I tried probably 6 different project management systems before settling on Basecamp.
Heck, I even tried Basecamp once (and didn’t stick with it) in the early days before coming back to it and settling on it (in that time they added the one killer thing I needed to make it 100% functional for me).

This isn’t a “Basecamp Review”. It’s not a “Basecamp Features” list.
This is why *WE* use Basecamp to track and run our business.


1. The 6 reasons we use basecamp – It’s Simple!

Everything makes sense.
There’s everything we need, and no clutter of stuff we don’t.


2. Basecamp Allows Personalized Interaction

Basecamp lets you communicate in the way you want to.
Web? YES
Mac Desktop app? YES
Windows Desktop app? YES
Email? YES
iOS app? YES
Android app? YES
In the beginning, I only wanted to interact via email. I didn’t want to open up another tool. Basecamp let me.
Today, I don’t want any email, I just want the Mac desktop and iOS apps. Basecamp lets’ me.


3. The latest activity in one place

Nothing makes me more frustrated than having to search around through all the tasks to see if anything got posted.
With Basecamp I get to see everything that has happened all in one place. It’s perfect for the business owner who wants to keep tabs on the business really quickly, and only dive in to the important things.


4. Notifications relevant only to you

Not everyone wants to see everything that’s going on.
You only get notified about things that are relevant to you.
It’s perfect for teams where people have their own roles.


5. It remembers everything

It never forgets tasks, even though I do.
It’s always super easy for me to find tasks that have been overlooked.
I mean…this is what project management is for…Basecamp just does it super well.


6. Daily Check-Ins!!!

For remote teams (Filipino workers), the automatic check-ins are perfect!

Obviously, I love it.
Give it a try.


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