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“My Virtual assistant for the past three months, that I found through you, takes the cake. He is all I could want in an assistant, and more, and in a price range I can afford as someone who is very new in my business. His English is impeccable. He is versatile, prompt, and incredibly eager to learn and take on new tasks. I’m so thankful that even as a new entrepreneur with a day job, I can afford to free up my time in key areas to focus on other things in my business. Plus, the work he does in social media is usually much better than I could do!”

Don’t you wish you could say that about your workers?

It’s not a far-off dream or an unrealistic goal. There’s a way you can accomplish all the tasks in your home-based business without having to do them by yourself—at price that’ll cost you a fraction of what you’d pay a local full-time employee.

What’s the secret to freeing up time, saving money and building a profitable business? Outsourcing to the Philippines by finding virtual workers at

The Busy Stay-at-Home Father

Ross was once not unlike many novice entrepreneurs. As a hard-working single father, he was getting his home-based online business off the ground. Unfortunately, he had a few things working against him—things you can probably relate to. Ross had little money and little time to get his business started the way he wanted.

He was also brand-new to the world of owning a business.

As he got things underway, he knew he needed help. So, he did what so many other small-business owners and startup entrepreneurs do: He searched online to connect him with freelancers. It didn’t take long for Ross to realize these freelancers were going to cost him an arm and a leg. Big problem. He didn’t have the money to pay these high-priced freelancers.

Because he couldn’t afford the crazy rates these workers wanted, Ross’s only other choice was to do all the work himself. Sure, that would save big bucks, but how in the world could he accomplish all the tasks needed to carry out his fledging business? And how would he have time for his children?

That’s when he found, and his business and his life were never the same.


And they both agree to make sure they still have time for their families.

Ross hired an eager, skilled virtual assistant from the Philippines. He paid this worker much less than the freelancers he had been looking at were asking, and far less than he would have paid a local full-time employee. He was amazed at her abilities and how well she fit into his business. Hiring her diminished his workload and allowed him to focus on making money.

“I literally could not have done this without her,” Ross said. “Even if I could have done her job as well as her, I would not have had the extra eight hours a day to do it. I am keenly aware that any success this business has will be influenced strongly by the foundations she tirelessly put in place.”

Accelerated Business

While hiring the right help at a good price might be convenient and cost-effective, for some, outsourcing to the Philippines has taken their business farther than it’s ever been.

Steve had just started an at-home Internet marketing business but was struggling to make money. Plus, he was busy with a full-time job and just wasn’t seeing the results he had hoped for. Then he decided to look for a virtual assistant from the Philippines to help. was the answer.

Steve hired a virtual assistant, and within just three weeks, thanks to the hard work of his VA, a previously unprofitable website had made $600. A few months later, the site had made him more than $10,000. The quick success allowed Steve to hire two more full-time VAs and start six new websites for his business.3vas

Steve was initially hesitant to hire a Filipino VA, because he didn’t think he had enough work for the person to do. But he was quickly amazed at just how much went into running a business and how many tasks this VA could accomplish.

If your business is stagnant, but you don’t have enough money to hire a freelancer or a local full-time employee to kick things into gear, use There’s no guarantee your business will jump start as quickly and lucratively as Steve’s, but you’ll love the freedom you’ll find by hiring a VA from the Philippines.

Getting Relief

Generating customers and business wasn’t an issue for Larry. Handling all the work was.

Some might think this is a good problem to have, but Larry was swimming upstream in a river of stress and exhaustion trying to keep up with the growing demands in his home-based company. Because he couldn’t manage the workload, his business was suffering. Just when he was about to become completely overwhelmed, he found

Larry began hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines. He trained them on the assignments he needed them to complete, and soon, they were taking care of everyday tasks such as editorial, marketing and administrative duties. Now he could concentrate on the bigger picture, work with more clients and grow his business—because he had more freedom.

Once he had five VAs working for him, Larry’s income more than doubled thanks to the increased capacity outsourcing to the Philippines gave him. Based on his business growth, he expected sales to continue shooting upward.

You’re Going to Love It

Many entrepreneurs are on their own or lack the help to handle daily projects and responsibilities. This requires the business owner to personally take care of the programming, the copywriting the marketing, the web development and just about everything else. This leaves little time to do what’s most important: making sales and making money.

Hiring help seems like an obvious need, but when cashflow is tight, business owners often can’t justify spending the money on local full-time employees. Freelancers aren’t the best option because they only offer a temporary solution.

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When these entrepreneurs go to they can choose from well-qualified Filipino workers who are more than capable of taking over daily tasks. What’s more, they can hire help from the Philippines for as little as $450 a month, a fraction of what a local employee would cost.

Let’s hear it from them and outsourcing to the Philippines truly changes lives and creates freedom for the entrepreneur and business owner. But don’t take our word for it; read what business owners say about their own experiences.

“We have two full-time employees from, and they are awesome. Highly recommend this site.”
– Todd N. Thompson

“I used to find my full-time writer, and I’m getting ready to hire a full-time social media member to my team. This is an awesome site.”
– Brandon Mix

“I’ve employed a number of people from [] over the years. My last was a husband and wife combo for about 3.5 years. Best decision I have made. Well worth it.”
– Carl Vanderpal

“Your site gives hope and an opportunity in life.”
– Jeepneyblogs

“Great resource for hiring people to help with the back-end of your online business. That’s where I found a wonderful, hard-working virtual assistant.”
– Atarah Wright

“I had an amazing virtual assistant/web designer through this service, and she works for me 25 hours per week. Fantastic and professional employees with English better than people I’ve hired in Canada.”
– Adina Zaiontz

“I hired a VA, and I landed a gem from this site. He’s very trustworthy and an awesome person in general! Just give a little responsibility at a time and keep a watchful eye on things, and you should be OK.”
Dominic Sarria-Wiley

“I am so grateful for all your Philippine resources. I live in Houston, Texas, and own We have opened a small office near Davao City and have used to make it happen!”
– Rodd Kirby

“I have used a Filipino designer for seven years. He is truly a rock star, and I couldn’t do what I do without him.”
– Nina Hershberger

“It’s a great service, and I’ve found six great team members for our business using it. Love working with talented people who care about what they do.”
– Paul Helmick

“I have eight people from online jobs join my team. All amazing team players.”
– Kristin Vedas Butcher

“Your service has been GREAT for hundreds of my agents. I’ve been following you for almost 10 years now. Thanks so much!”
– Christopher Westfall

“I hired my first VA from your site two years ago. Best worker ever. Thanks!”
– Jeanette Paine Stein

“I hired a VA through this site, and HE IS A KILLER EMPLOYEE! Absolutely hard working, gets the job done on time, and he even made suggestions to my work that has caused me to increase sales. Thanks OnlineJobs!”
– Shawn Quintero

“I currently have three amazing VAs that I found on OnlineJobs. Cannot recommend them highly enough. It’s a process, but once you find the right one, your working life will never be the same.”
– Brigitte Benge

“I currently have four on my staff. It’s changed my business, and I recommend OnlineJobs.”
– Rosco Faulkes

Are you ready to add your name to these and many other success stories? Create freedom in your life today: Find your Filipino virtual assistant at

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