Podcast (Ruben Kanya: The Real Estate Experiment)

One VA Away- Building Your Virtual Team

Podcast Links: Itunes, Spotify Ruben Kanya is the founder and Director of Invested Talent, a video production agency helping real estate thought leaders repurpose their content on multiple social media platforms to grow a reputable brand online. He is also the host of The Real Estate Experiment Podcast. Ruben has been interviewing and surrounding himself with entrepreneurs […]

Do You Experience High Turnover Among Your OFS – Practical Advice

Do You Experience High Turnover Among Your OFS Feature

Since I started outsourcing in 2005, I have only had about a dozen people leave my team. I recently received a question about turnover. According to the business owner, he’s offering his OFSs: 13th-month bonus, HMO insurance,  higher wage, and even daily huddles. Despite all of these, the business has gone through at least 30 […]

Podcast (The Remarkable Entrepreneur)

782 Philippine Job Board with OnlineJobs.ph's John Jonas

Podcast Link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-remarkable-entrepreneur/id1600555604?i=1000551551155 OnlineJobs.ph was born out of necessity.  When I was a young business owner, I wanted to do everything. But lo and behold, nobody can do everything. I have tried hiring locally, but all four quit, copied my business model, and started their own business. I also tried outsourcing through Elance but found […]

Why You Can’t Find Someone Good in the Philippines – Practical Advice

Why You Can't Find Someone Good in the Philippines

Once in a while, we receive comments and emails from business owners complaining that outsourcing isn’t working for them. Either they can’t find great people or people are leaving them.  On the other hand, we receive countless emails of thanks because business owners found the perfect OFS for them.  So which is it? Can you […]

The Great Resignation – Practical Advice

The Great Resignation

I started working from home in 2004. It was then that I discovered that when you take a walk in the middle of the day, the wilderness is all yours.  No one else is out because everyone else is stuck at work! My wife and I spent a lot of time alone in the wilderness in […]

Podcast (NxtStep)

Virtual Workers and The Benefits of Hiring Online with Onlinejobs.ph’s John Jonas

Podcast Link: https://nxtstep.io/virtual-workers-and-the-benefits-of-hiring-online-with-onlinejobs-phs-john-jonas/ After a few misses, I was ready to give up on outsourcing. I wanted to stop trying because it was not working. It was just too painful. In 2004, I was fresh out of college, bright-eyed, and excited for the online business that I was starting. I thought everything would be easy; everything […]

How Do I Protect My Data With My OFS? – Practical Advice

How Do I Protect My Data With My OFS_

It’s time for another practical outsourcing advice! Data breaches are always in the news. Today, most companies take cyber security very seriously and go to great lengths to keep their data safe.  How about small business owners like us? How do we protect our data when outsourcing?  Data security is frequently one of the key concerns […]

What Does OFS Mean? – Practical Advice

What Does OFS Mean_ Feature

OFS stands for Online Filipino Specialist. An OFS is a Filipino virtual assistant. People believe that Virtual Assistants can only do mundane tasks; they aren’t really skilled and need step-by-step instructions for specific tasks. This is not true for Virtual Filipino workers; they are so much more than that. Filipino workers are in a league of their […]