The Weirdest Places Your OFS Has Worked – Practical Advice

The Weirdest Places Your OFS Has Worked Feature

Pandemic restrictions are starting to loosen up all over the world. The Philippines has not been as quick to do the same, but regulations are lessening, and people can finally travel! Your OFS may be traveling soon, maybe for vacation, or perhaps a change of scenery while working. The great thing about outsourcing is that […]

‘APPLY POINTS’: Helping the Best and Most Qualified Applicants Stand Out

Screenshot 2023-02-22 at 11.00.23 AM has over 2 million jobseekers in its database. While the sheer number of jobseekers is exciting, it can also present an unexpected challenge… The Challenge Sometimes, employers may receive too many applications for a job, presenting the time-consuming challenge of filtering through and finding the best candidates. And sometimes, jobseekers may be tempted to […]

How Payoneer works together with


Whether you’re an employer or a freelancer, there’s one issue around gig work that’s always a concern, and that’s managing payment. Freelancers want fast and flexible access to funds, employers want low-cost payment methods, and both of them want secure and transparent payment processing.  That’s why built its own payment feature called EasyPay, to […]

Trust, Consideration and Kindness – Practical Advice

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The world is beautiful, and when we do good in it, we get more than we give. The same thing happens when you go out of your way to show trust and consideration to your Online Filipino Specialist (OFS) — they will feel safe and comfortable enough to trust you, and they’ll be more likely […]

Pay Your Newly Hired OFS Weekly – Practical Advice

Pay Your Newly Hired OFS Weekly Feature

If you’re looking to hire someone in the Philippines, they may be worried that you will scam them. This is a big concern for them, and it’s one of the first things I tell people looking to hire an Online Filipino Specialist. One of the best ways to gain their trust is by paying them […]

Pros and Cons of Video Interviews – Practical Advice

Pros and Cons of Video Interviews Feature

It’s become increasingly common for employers to conduct video interviews as part of their hiring process. And while many people still wonder about the benefits and drawbacks of this approach, I personally don’t like doing video interviews. I don’t do video interviews when I recruit people. But I understand why people like them and continue […]

Let Your OFS Manage Your Email With Gmail Delegation – Practical Advice

Let Your OFS Manage Your Email With Gmail Delegation

We all know how frustrating it can be when your inbox is full of important emails, but you don’t have the time to get to them. What if you could give someone else some of your email management responsibilities? That’s what Gmail delegation allows you to do! With Gmail delegation, you can delegate email tasks […]