Create Your Ideal Life: FBA Case Study with Thomas Parkinson

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“For me, working remotely is very much about opportunity. You have one life, and you get to make that life whatever you want it to be. It’s clay and you sculpt it. And the ability to work remotely is the ability to live your life on your terms, how you want to.”  Backstory: Thomas Parkinson […]

How To Become The CEO of Your Business – Practical Advice

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When you own a business, do you really need to get your hands on everything that goes on in the business? What does being a CEO really mean? For some, it means running a business, but for me, it’s having a business run with me.  For me, the CEO’s first responsibility is to make the […]

Failure is the Greatest Opportunity: JR Fisher on Business and Outsourcing

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I’m literally excited over failure…I’ve never had a failure or a problem where it didn’t [eventually] turn into something better.” JR Fisher will never forget the day that he opened his Ebay Seller Account to find that every last one of his listings (estimated around 300) had disappeared.  Poof. Hundreds of product listings that represented […]

Management Tips – Amy Walker Case Study

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Amy Walker is a speaker, author, and the creator of Amy Walker Consulting, a sales and marketing firm that she’s directed for seven years — while simultaneously running a household of five young children. Amy works with small business owners, coordinating their client acquisition strategies — creating the simplest and most effective ways to consistently acquire […]

Steve Raiken – 11 Things To Do BEFORE Hiring A Virtual Assistant in 2020

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Virtual assistants are secret weapons. They do a lot for businesses — one of them is freeing up time so you can enjoy life more. Besides, you can’t do all the work in your business yourself. Having an extra set of hands for projects and daily business processes is essential to your business growth. Steve […]

Should I Use A Contract When Hiring A Virtual Assistant? – Practical Advice

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You’ve posted a job, screened applicants, tested and interviewed them, now you’re here — you’ve found THE one. You’re now ready to start training and working! But first, you need to have a contract. Or do you? When you’re hiring someone from the other side of the world, what’s a contract good for? That’s what […]

Geoff Cudd – 5 Actionable Steps to Hire the Best Virtual Assistant

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Geoff Cudd is someone who takes an analytical approach to decision making. Just how analytical is he? He uses a spreadsheet to help him decide when choosing a new credit card. A VERY detailed spreadsheet, outlining rewards, sign up bonuses and spending. That’s a lot of thinking involved to make just one choice! But being […]

Steven Pope – How to hire your first VA for Amazon

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Are you thinking of trying your luck on Amazon? I know just the guy you should be talking to — Steven Pope. Steven Pope is the OG Amazon guy. He has knowledge on all e-commerce fronts, and he specializes in growth hacking Amazon. He spent a decade on the corporate side building companies before starting […]