Why Outsourcing Is Good For The Economy – Practical Advice

Why Outsourcing is Good for the Economy

There are 5 reasons why outsourcing is good for the local economy.  Outsourcing brings you cheaper products.  The best example for this would be the products we get from China. When products are cheaper, you can buy more for your dollar. You’re not just buying the essentials. You save money or spend that money on […]

Why Do Companies Outsource Jobs – Practical Advice

383 Why Do Companies Outsource Jobs

Why do companies, specifically American companies, outsource? This question is a pretty loaded one because it comes with a lot of misconceptions. What most people see outsourcing done wrong. That’s exploitative and it doesn’t help the companies or the people they outsource to. What I’m going to show you are the right reasons why companies […]

How To Outsource in the Philippines? 5 Steps – Practical Advice

382 How To Outsource In The Philippines - 5 Steps

If you want to outsource successfully, you only need to do five things. It’s a process that has worked for me and thousands of business owners who have outsourced their business to the Philippines. Decide what you need. If you’re looking to outsource specific tasks or specific jobs, then a Filipino virtual assistant would be […]

How To Hire A Graphic Designer? – Practical Advice

366 How to Hire a Graphic Designer

You want to hire a graphic designer? Great! Let me walk you through the process. What kind of designer do you need?  What do I need? Logo design isn’t the same as graphic interface or t-shirt design. Go to onlinejobs.ph. Browse the resumes. Find out what exists out there, skill ranges and salary expectations. Post […]

Should I Hire A Graphic Designer? – Practical Advice

Should I hire a Graphic Designer_

Good design changes your business. It’s not immediately obvious but over time, it makes a difference. It provides value to whatever you’re offering. It helps you stand out from the competition in a way that effectively conveys your ideas.   Once you hire a good designer, you’ll find that not all designers are alike. And there’s […]

How To Hire a Social Media Manager? – Practical Advice

How to Hire SM Featured Image

Now that I’ve convinced you to hire a social media manager, it’s about time I show you how to hire one. When it comes to hiring for social media, I follow 7 simple steps: Decide and define what their responsibilities would be Go to Onlinejobs.ph. Look at a lot of profiles to figure out what […]

Should I Hire a Social Media Manager? – Practical Advice

Should I hire a Social Media Manager_

Of course! Why not? If you enjoy doing social media yourself, then yes, maybe you don’t need a social media manager. But as your business starts to scale, you see that social media takes up a lot of time. Time that you should be investing back in your business or investing back in yourself.  Social […]

How to hire a Filipino Writer? – Practical Advice

How to Hire Filipino Writer

When I hire I Filipino writer, I follow these 7 steps: Figure out what kind of writer you want Go to OJ and browse what you need Post your job at OJ Start interviewing. Ask questions in a bunch of emails (don’t do a skype interview) Give them a test task Negotiate your terms Hire […]

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing – Practical Advice

358 what are the benefits of outsourcing feature

The benefits of outsourcing go beyond cost savings. Some people outsource because they can’t find good, affordable, talent locally, so they look elsewhere. Some want their business to open 24 hours a day. So they take advantage of the time difference and hire virtual assistants who can work while they sleep. There are so many […]

Podcast (Reach or Miss)

Reach or Miss Podcast Feature

Hayut Yogev’s Podcast, Reach or Miss, started out like any other interview I’ve had before. But what I especially like about this one is that it gave me the chance to talk about my other leisure pursuits, biking and hiking up mountains.  And I appreciate how she advocates for customer-centric businesses. You can’t have a […]