Distributed Denial of Service – December 26 to 27


Last December 26 and 27, we experienced a Distributed Denial Of Services Attack (DDoS). This led to problems with accessing our site, and Time Proof. The attack came from bot network infected and under control of the perpetrators. All were focused to send out HTTP GET, POST, CONNECT and OPTIONS or other means necessary to […]

Building a Million Dollar Business With Loyal Rockstars


A guest post by Mike Jackness from Ecomcrew.com I sold one of my brands, ColorIt.com in early 2019 for just over $1million. One of the biggest reasons I was able to get this high of a valuation for my company was because of our incredible team of VAs based in Cebu. In this article, I’ll […]

How to make your social media profile more professional


We’ve all had our moments, whether it’s old drunken pictures from your college days or inappropriate trash talk about your current boss, social media can make or break your chances of landing yourself a dream job. Here at Onlinejobs.ph, you are required to connect your Facebook account in order to create an account. This is […]

Amazing Work System with Marcin Chaszczewski


In this video, Marcin shows just how amazing your business can be once you outsource tasks to a virtual assistant. When you build in outsourcing into your process, it frees so much time and gives you the freedom to make your business better and more efficient. When you create business processes with the intention of delegating most […]

How To Get A Referral To A Great VA In The Philippines – Practical Advice


When looking for virtual assistants, getting a referral from somebody you trust is priceless.  A good referral saves you time and effort when recruiting. And in most cases, a referral will get you a great VA who can do wonders for your business. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a virtual assistant referral from other business […]

Outsourcing for Real Estate Businesses – Daniel Pitrone


“What used to take me 2 hours now only takes me 8 minutes” Daniel been outsourcing to Filipino virtual assistants for only 6 months but, man, he outsources like a pro! He knows exactly what he wants. He developed a hiring process that essentially weeds out unqualified applicants naturally. He even got me convinced that […]

Why Use Onlinejobs.Ph To Delegate Tasks by James Dooley / FatRank


Like me, James Dooley is a big believer that success starts with having the right mindset. And what’s admirable about the guy is unlike most entrepreneurs, he’s not afraid to share so much of what makes him successful. Most people think that success is about winning — that somebody has to lose in order for you […]

2019 PC Buying Guide for Virtual Assistants


Early this year, we released a PC buying guide for Virtual Assistants who were looking to purchase a new daily driver for their online work. For those who want to get Macs, our Mac buying guide still applies. We just updated it to include the “cheesegrater” which is a workstation system. Because there have been […]