Outsourcing for Real Estate Businesses – Daniel Pitrone


“What used to take me 2 hours now only takes me 8 minutes” Daniel been outsourcing to Filipino virtual assistants for only 6 months but, man, he outsources like a pro! He knows exactly what he wants. He developed a hiring process that essentially weeds out unqualified applicants naturally. He even got me convinced that […]

Why Use Onlinejobs.Ph To Delegate Tasks by James Dooley / FatRank


Like me, James Dooley is a big believer that success starts with having the right mindset. And what’s admirable about the guy is unlike most entrepreneurs, he’s not afraid to share so much of what makes him successful. Most people think that success is about winning — that somebody has to lose in order for you […]

2019 PC Buying Guide for Virtual Assistants


Early this year, we released a PC buying guide for Virtual Assistants who were looking to purchase a new daily driver for their online work. For those who want to get Macs, our Mac buying guide still applies. We just updated it to include the “cheesegrater” which is a workstation system. Because there have been […]

Screw The Nine To Five Podcast Interview


Contractors Will Never Work If You Want To Grow Your Business. Here’s Why. This is one of the best interviews I had this year. Josh and I had an awesome conversation that uncovered a lot of the things that most people didn’t know about outsourcing. For most people, outsourcing is about hiring contract workers. You give […]

Outsourcing for Dropshipping Businesses – Kevin King


Scaling up depends on the people. This is what Kevin realized once his dropshipping business started doing well.  He dropped out of college to open a Shopify store. To save money, he started doing everything himself and learning everything on his own. Once his business started growing and taking up most of his time, that’s […]

Girl Boss Coaches Podcast with Louise Courville (Nov 2019)


When should you start outsourcing? What do you outsource first? Considering these questions, outsourcing can be a really intimidating process. But it doesn’t have to be. Because if you want to be the CEO of your own business, delegation is inevitable. You don’t outsource as soon as you want, you outsource as soon as you […]