Amy Walker – How to Hire a Virtual Assistant

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Are you a small business owner? Don’t you wish there was someone who can show you the ropes so you don’t get overwhelmed by it all? Meet Amy Walker. She is a small business and entrepreneur coach. She helps business owners build a stronger business while maintaining work life balance. Neat, right? She wants small […]

Contact Us If You Are Harassed

Contact Us Harassed

We recently received a complaint from a brave worker about an employer, Eddie Linehan, of Thunderbrook Equestrian. The worker (asking us to remain anonymous), sent screenshots of Eddie’s skype “interview” with her, which contained vulgar, sexually inappropriate messages. We immediately banned the employer from our site, and proactively attempted to contact any worker that the […]

Everything You Need To Know About IDProof

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“How can I increase my IDProof?” This is the most asked question in our customer service hotline. Jobseekers want a high, if not a perfect score of 100, IDProof, and for good reason! But just what is IDProof and how does it work? What IDProof IS IDProof is about providing lots of information to help […]

Keeping our Virtual Assistants and Employers Safe and Informed about Covid-19

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Message from for our Filipino Virtual Assistants During this challenging time, one benefit of our system in is that our employers and virtual assistants are safer in their homes. While there may be some businesses who are struggling with the move from an office-based set-up to home-based, we assure you, based on our […]

Paul Lipsky – Hiring Your First VA

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Most entrepreneurs find outsourcing a luxury. They’re not too excited to outsource because they feel that it costs too much. They want to wait until, maybe, they have reached a certain amount in sales before they hire their first VA. And although it might seem like a smart way to go, excuses like “I’ll hire […]

The Startup Wives Club Podcast


Behind every successful man is a surprised woman. – Maryon Pearson I couldn’t agree more. In all the years that I’ve spent finding myself and looking for ways to live comfortably, my mother and my wife were there quietly supporting me and letting me do my thing.  And when I finally did find the thing […]

Jim Palmer Podcast

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Jack Dorsey said, “Success is never accidental.” And to an extent, I agree. But I also believe that you have to be sensitive in recognizing an opportunity when it presents itself. I wasn’t always an entrepreneur. I went to college, had a degree in Computer Science, and I had a normal job shortly after I graduated. […]