Set Expectations Today, Avoid Problems Tomorrow

Tip 2 Feature

When I started talking about outsourcing a few years back, I also created a video series of outsourcing tips. I did it because I wanted everyone to have a great experience in outsourcing. Things were different back then. Most businesses had no idea what outsourcing was or how they could use it for their business. […]

Podcast (Your Build Live Give)

Outsourcing To The Philippines With John Jonas

Click here for the podcast: “I’m overworked, I’m frustrated. I’m not making progress as I should be. I had to try something else. I hired this guy in the Philippines. It was the single most liberating experience I’ve ever had.” This is a story I won’t stop telling any time soon. This story is the […]

How Do I Hire A Virtual Assistant – Practical Advice

How Do I Hire A Virtual Assistant

If you’re here, you might have been following my Practical Advice series. You might even be convinced to finally give outsourcing a try. After all, that’s the reason why you’ve been watching this series, right? So, how should you start? You have a business, you know you need help, but how do you know what […]

Tips for Onboarding a New Virtual Assistant – Practical Advice

Tips For Onboarding A New Virtual Assistant Feature

Recruiting is not an easy task, especially if you’re outsourcing. You have to create a job post, wade through the hundreds of applications, set up interviews, and ask for sample tasks. When you’ve done all that and you’ve found that one person that’s right for your business, you’re ready to hire.  In this video, I […]

Podcast (People Processes)

The Benefits and How-Tos of Hiring Filipino VAs with founder John Jonas

Click here for the podcast: People build business. And the people that stay with the business are the ones that help it grow. That’s why it’s so important that when you start outsourcing, you need to commit to hiring a virtual assistant full-time. You need to commit to training and managing them. Because when you […]

Podcast (Investing in the US)

why hiring a virtual assitant for -3_Hour will change your business (1)

Click here for the podcast: What’s stopping your business from growing? Lack of capital? Manpower? Resources? Some people have all of these but still struggle with expanding their business. That’s because growing your business starts with the right mindset. The biggest bottleneck to business growth is when we don’t allow ourselves to get […]

Podcast (The Tech Talks Daily)

The Virtual Assistants Giving Business Owners Time Freedom

Click here for the podcast: Doing things differently isn’t easy. That’s why most people would rather use quick solutions than invest time and resources to building processes that work.  That’s the philosophy most people have with outsourcing and it continues to this day. But the problem with that approach is it doesn’t really get business […]