How A Virtual Assistant Can Help You Grow Your Insurance Business

One of the ways you can grow your business is by freeing up the time you spend on mundane and administrative tasks. For many entrepreneurs and agents, its often cost-prohibitive to hire an assistant, when salary, taxes, benefits and other expenses are included. Many Insurance Agents and Brokers have capitalized on the opportunity to hire a virtual […]

We Just Launched an iOS App


With the promise of being the easiest job board to find outsourced staff in the Philippines, we have developed an iOS app to make it even easier for you. Most of you don’t exactly have the time to work on your computer and at the same time, go through resumes. This is the entire reason […]

You ARE Making a Difference in the World

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So, something crazy happened to me the other day. I was walking into our local Albertson’s store to pick up a last-minute gallon of milk before heading home. I stopped at a card table set up just outside the entrance, where a young man was selling his “art” to passersby. The young man was in […]

The Art of Giving Feedback To Your Virtual Assistants


One of the essential components of training, managing and working with Filipinos VAs is giving feedback. Doing this at the right time and in the right way can make the difference between a healthy working relationship and a strained one. Giving proper feedback will help your VA grow and improve. It’s only through feedback that […]

About: Improving Communication With Your Workers


Ever play the game where one person whispers a long sentence in someone’s ear, and that person repeats the same thing to the next person and so on down the line? Once the last person hears the message, he or she will tell the entire group what it was. Often, what the last person heard […]

Questions You Should Ask When Interviewing Your Filipino VA

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If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re on board with replacing yourself in your business by outsourcing to the Philippines. This is the best decision you’ve made for your business. The right place to get started is at Here, you’ll find more than 150,000 resumes and profiles of Filipinos who are ready and […]

Don’t Get Stuck; Change Your Business, Change Your Life

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I don’t know what to do. My pulse is thumping. Each breath is deafening. I feel the sweat bead and run down my forehead. I swear my heart relocated to pound in my ears and stomach and palms at the same time. ‘Fight or flight’ rips through me with adrenaline, and everything around me appears […]

My Virtual Assistant is Asking for a Raise

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How to Address the Issue of Raises Because Filipinos are reluctant and even scared to ask you for a raise, they won’t bring up this issue very often. When it does, though, you can make it easier by being prepared and having a plan in place. Every situation is different, but here are some guidelines […]

Why Outsourcing is Ethical


When the topic of outsourcing work overseas comes up, the question inevitably comes: “Is this ethical?” Many will give the answer that outsourcing to foreign nations exploits workers by paying them small wages or that it is essentially slave labor. Opponents of this business model also criticize what they see as taking jobs away from […]

My Outsourcing Method is Different than Yours

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For several years, I have been outsourcing my business tasks to the Philippines by starting with one virtual assistant who performs both routine duties and complicated, essential tasks. I teach these same principles to business owners and entrepreneurs. What I have taught has changed their businesses and their lives. That group includes entrepreneurs, small-business owners, […]