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We at make outsourcing risk-free.

What does that mean? And what does this mean for your business?

At first glance, it would seem like we’re just like any other outsourcing platform. But if you look closer, we have designed our business to make outsourcing easier and risk free for you. We do that in a number of ways.

#1 We’re Not Middlemen

Unlike other platforms, we don’t get in between you and your VA. All the virtual assistants you hire through our platform works for YOU. You hire and pay them directly.

Even if the company goes belly up (which we pray would never happen) you and your VA can continue working together. Whatever happens to us and our business will not disrupt your business.

What’s wrong with having a middleman, you ask. That’s how most outsourcing platforms work.

Well, remember what happened to Zirtual back then? They were big too.

Zirtual Service

Back in 2015, out of the blue, Zirtual just shut down. Zirtual was a popular virtual assistant service based in Las Vegas. They had thousands of VAs and clients in their database. They were doing so well and growing so quickly, they were featured in several business magazines.

Then one day, they just stopped operations. Clients and virtual assistants were not informed. It was only later they found out that the company was having financial troubles. It took awhile for the affected clients and virtual assistants to get back to work. They had to wait for Zirtual to clear things out and provide an explanation.

This will never happen to you when you hire a VA through Our business model gives you direct and full control of your relationship with your VA.

#2 No Worker Churn

Another advantage we have over other outsourcing services is that you do not have to put up with “worker churn.”

Most outsourcing services, especially agencies, would assign you a new virtual assistant every time you start a new project with them. Even if you use them continuously, there’s a big chance that they’re going to change the VA working on your project regularly.


Because agency turnover rates are notoriously high. Most virtual assistants start there but they don’t stay. Why? Because once the virtual assistants realize they’re getting less than 50% of what you’re paying the agency for the work that they do, they leave.

When this happens, you’ll notice that you’re not really getting a VA that gets better over time. You’re getting people that are stuck at a certain skill level because it’s too expensive for agencies to pay them more.

This is the reason why Homejoy, outsourced cleaning service, failed back in 2013. With their business model, they assigned customers a new house cleaner every time they contacted the company for service. That meant that customers had to “break in” a new worker every time they needed the house to be cleaned. The customers always have to allot time onboarding a new cleaner. And there’s really no improvement over time.

HomeJoy Service

This is why here at, we encourage full-time and long-term work arrangements with your VA. Every training you provide for them goes back to your business. And the longer they work for you, the better they become.

# 3 No Guessing Games

The third way we set ourselves apart from the rest is how we help you find the right person for the job.

Our powerful jobseeker search feature allows you to find the right person based on the skills you need. This helps you to easily sift through thousands of profiles with just a few clicks.

And lately, we beefed up our verification system to make sure we’re getting rid of fake profiles and scammers. All profiles are manually profiled by our team. And we also have a QA team that checks through email and social media of scam workers.

#4 No Rejections

When you hire through and you’re ready to make an offer, the odds are you will not be turned down is practically zero. Businesses using other platforms have complained that they invest two hours interviewing an applicant. Then when they offer the assignment, the applicant does not accept. So much time has been wasted.

That is unlikely to happen with the Filipino workforce. They want full-time jobs. You will get a thrilled “yes.” Joven is an example of a typical applicant. He jumped at the opportunity which came to him through

#5 You Always Get More

With, you get workers who keep delivering more than expected. They do more because they have a long-term job. They love security. They want to keep their jobs. So they make it their business to find ways to help your business.

Instead of risk


Best Practices

When we created our risk-free model because back in 2006, the Philippines was not yet a major outsourcing hub. We basically started with a blank slate. We didn’t have to look over our shoulder to check out what the competition was doing and factor that in.

Because of that we were able to come up with best practices in facilitating the outsourcing process. Before you choose an outsourcing company to work with, check if it provides you with these 7 musts.

  1. High value structure. You get more value when you don’t have to pay for overhead. It’s also cheaper to pay your virtual assistants directly compared to also shelling out for an agency’s operating cost. This is how we are able to provide good value to business owners at lower rates.
  2. Flat fee, with no middleman or mark-up charges. is a subscription service. The $69 Pro account gives you access to over half a million resumes and educational materials that teach you how to outsource. The $99 gives you even more, like background checks and worker mentoring. Unlike other platforms, we don’t charge commissions. You have direct and full control over every aspect of the transaction with your VA.
  3. Verified applicants. All jobseekers that sign up for an account now have to submit a valid gov’t ID. We verify their address with documentation and through SMS. You know you’re hiring a Filipino VA because we’ve done all the checking for you.
  4. Long-term relationships. Those who use freelance platforms complain about lack of commitment from their vendors. This kind of turnover costs businesses. Unlike them, we made it our core business to focus on full-time long-term jobs. Less turnover, better return of investment.
  5. Mastery of nuances of American English. Eager to attract work from the U.S., Filipinos recognize they have to think, speak, and write in American English as well as a native. That is why their parents have them watching American programming such as “Sesame Street” instead of home-grown entertainment.
  6. Excellent work ethic. Filipinos work hard because they want to succeed. They want to keep their jobs.
  7. No American labor laws or tax regulations. You are not burdened with any red tape. You don’t have to worry that your contract worker will seek employee status in the US.

You owe it to your business to hire virtual assistants from There is no risk. And the odds are that they will partner with you to bring your enterprise to the next level.

If you want to learn how to start outsourcing the right way, download my new book, Outsourcing Lever. Here, I share the secrets of how successful entrepreneurs grow their businesses with virtual assistants. If you’re ready to grow your business and freedom exponentially, it’s time to hire a Filipino virtual assistant. I can guide your through the process every step of the way when you take the 7 day “One VA Away” challenge.

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With help from his own VAs based in the Philippines, John has created an outsourcing empire that allows him to work 17 hours/week and to spend most of his time with his wife and 5 kids.

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