Why your OFS Sometimes Work Mindlessly – Practical Advice

Remember that story about an awful video that got uploaded to YouTube by one of my OFSs?

I talked about that video in one of my newsletters and got tons of responses from other business owners about what they think could be the reason why.

I found it interesting that there are others who also have this problem, so I sought an answer from within my team. I asked them why they thought work is being done mindlessly — they had the option to message me privately, email me, or send me a message anonymously.

My team didn’t disappoint. I got a lot of responses. 

Here are the top reasons I found:

  1. Fear is a significant driver of Filipino behavior
  2. The power distance index in the Philippines is strongly applied
  3. Quantity gets emphasized over quality
  4. Sometimes they just get lazy
  5. Lack of company culture

I want to dive into these reasons and talk about them with you in the next few episodes. We’ll talk about the whys of each reason and what we can do to solve the problem.

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About John Jonas

John Jonas is a long-time outsourcing expert and the creator of OnlineJobs.ph.

Since 2005, John has taught hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs how to profitably delegate to VAs in the Philippines (and get their lives back in the process).

With help from his own VAs based in the Philippines, John has created an outsourcing empire that allows him to work 17 hours/week and to spend most of his time with his wife and 5 kids.

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