How To Empower Your OFS – Practical Advice

I am a huge fan of empowering OFSs. When employees feel empowered at work, they have stronger job performance, job satisfaction, and loyalty.

For my team, what I do to empower my OFSs are:

  • Give them a title,
  • Tell them to take ownership,
  • Have someone for Quality Assurance, and
  • Gain their trust.

I’ve shared my journey towards empowering my team, and if you want to check that out, please watch these videos:

I’m not the only one who sees the value in giving their OFSs power. In fact, I received an email from Billy, and he shared how he was able to empower his OFS.

He admitted that it was a struggle at first – Filipinos work hard with great results, but most Filipinos hesitate to be one holding the helm – but they got there. One of the things he did was to help his OFS create a 5-year plan for her life goals.

Here is Billy’s email: 

Aloha, John!

I appreciate your emails, they are very helpful. In June it will be one year with my VA, who is now our Operations Manager and I have given her AUTHORITY. I had to remind her that she is the boss several times, and now she finally is becoming more assertive. I asked her if she would like for me to help put together a 5 year plan for her life goals. I let her know it’s important for the company to know her personal goals so that we can help her achieve them while meeting company objectives. She is still a little shy and I was surprised when she did not hesitate to accept my offer of helping her make a 5 year life plan. She was very happy.

It took us less than an hour to write down the plan – wow – you should see her now. 

I am very proud of her, and it makes me want to work harder to ensure that she achieves those goals for herself and her family.

Thanks again, John!


I’m thrilled that Billy made a 5-year plan with his OFS because when I started, I was hoping that you and your OFS would have a long-term relationship. It was not supposed to be a per-project relationship.

From your OFSs’ point of view, the knowledge that they have a long-term job with you, in Billy’s case, at least five years (hopefully longer), empowers them in more ways than you know. 

This practical advice is just one of many we have on our blog. Head on to our outsourcing education page to catch the whole series.

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