How To Easily Provide Training For Your OFS – Practical Advice

The Philippines has a very particular and unique work culture — training. On the Job Training.

More often than not, Filipinos expect to be trained on what the job is all about when they are hired. Whether they are new graduates or seasoned employees, there is an expectation for some training to be given so they can be confident and effective in their new roles.

It is more than just onboarding; it is training on how they are expected to think and do things following the business or their employer. 

I mentioned before that Joven, the first virtual assistant I hired, knew nothing about my business. I taught him how I wanted things done. I would get on a call with him and record my screen so he could study the process. Little did I know that all those things I did to teach him my process, I was already giving him training and the confidence to do his job well.

Creating training is hard. It is also time-consuming. 

I have received thousands of emails asking me how to do training and telling me that they don’t know and don’t have the time to train their new Online Filipino Specialists.

I hear you. I have collected the training I have created for my own OFSs since the beginning, and I am now sharing them with you.

Let me introduce you to — these are done-for-you trainings that you can easily hand-off to your OFSs! These can be given to an OFS who has no experience, a seasoned OFS you just hired, or even an OFS who has been with you for years and just wants to upskill.

These training will make your OFS:

  • Feel more comfortable in their role,
  • Contribute to your business more,
  • Be more productive, and
  • Be very thankful for the knowledge!

Let’s talk more about how training affects your OFSs and why you should choose the suitable training to make your OFS feel empowered, not overwhelmed. 

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With help from his own VAs based in the Philippines, John has created an outsourcing empire that allows him to work 17 hours/week and to spend most of his time with his wife and 5 kids.

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