Why Work In a City When You Can Work In Your Hometown?

Life often throws curve balls at us just when we least expect it. These changes can be scary. But sometimes the scariest changes can be the best things that could happen to us. Lea had a thriving and stable career as a call center team manager in Manila. For years, she put in a lot of hard work to build that career. But all of a sudden, she had to go back home to Pangasinan help out her parents. She welcomed this change. It’s an opportunity to go back to her hometown and raise her daughter closed to family and friends. Working for a call center in the province is an option for her. Unfortunately, it won’t give her the salary that she was used to or the the extra time that she needed to take care of her family. So she started exploring the idea of working from home. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only did she earn more as a VA, she also had more time. She’s making more now than what she was making in Manila. And she now had time to take care of her family and herself. Lea credits her success as an online worker by valuing the trust given to her by her client. She appreciates the trust that is given to her and makes every effort to be worthy of that trust. It’s Filipino workers like Lea and thousands like her who make Filipino virtual assistants the most in-demand online workers in the world. Have you recently found yourself in the same position? Are you tired of the city life and want to move back to your province? Let us know in the comments below! Want to be a virtual assistant like Leah? Register for onlinejobs.ph and find work today!
Julia Sta Romana
About Julia Jasmine M. Sta Romana Julia has been working for OnlineJobs.ph since 2012, first as a writer and now as its social media manager and content development specialist. She also founded the Davao Virtual Assistants Association, the biggest VA association in Davao City. She’s a full-time wife and mom and volunteers her time as an internet rights advocate. If you liked this you’ll probably also like reading


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