The Resilient Filipinos, a Glimpse into the Philippine Economy, and Outsourcing

My son, Austin, is in the Philippines right now. He’s in the Philippines on a mission for the Church of Latter-Day Saints. 

He sends me videos every day and shares his adventures and also the plight of the people where he lives.

He thinks it is important to shed light on the stories of ordinary people who work tirelessly to shape their nation’s economy. The Philippines, a country with its fair share of challenges, boasts a population of honest, hard-working individuals who embody the spirit of resilience and determination. While it is true that not all regions in the Philippines face dire economic conditions, the overall principle that the country relies heavily on imports and exports comparatively less remains true, and this is what he sees in the little heart-shaped island called Marinduque.

The Philippine economy has long grappled with a trade deficit, where the nation imports more goods and services than it exports. This trade imbalance stems from various factors, including limited industrial capacity, a heavy reliance on imported raw materials, and a preference for foreign products. Despite this challenge, Filipinos still want to stay home and be with their families as much as possible.

At the heart of the Philippine economy are its honest, hard-working people who exemplify the qualities of resilience and determination. They fill various sectors, from agriculture and manufacturing to services and overseas employment. These individuals often work long hours, sometimes in unfavorable conditions to provide for their families.

But jobs are not that easy to find. This is why a significant aspect of the Philippine economy relies on the remittances of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) seeking better economic opportunities abroad. These brave individuals leave their families behind to support them financially. 

Now, these Filipinos don’t need to leave their families to work! Opportunities opened by online work give them the freedom to stay with their families and make a living.

Working online has simultaneously opened up a vast opportunity for skilled Filipinos and employers. The world recognizes Filipinos are honest and hard-working individuals who navigate challenges and strive for a better future. 

When you work with an OFS, you help these honest and hardworking people stay with their families while helping their community and country.

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