The Problem With Project-Based Workers

Most entrepreneurs who outsource rely on project-based workers. They claim that it’s the perfect way to do outsourcing. You only pay for the work that you want, and there’s no commitment.

But with that arrangement, you will regularly come across the following problems:

1 There’s no guarantee that their preferred contractor would be available whenever they want_

  1. There’s no guarantee that your preferred contractor will be available whenever you want.
  2. Their contractor is always rushing to finish the job to get ready for the next job.
  3. There’s no genuine camaraderie with other employees, which is problematic when you have jobs that require teamwork.
  4. You’re never sure that they’re not subcontracting the work to someone else.

Instead, I hire Online Filipino Specialists full-time. It’s the best way to go if you want outsourcing to work.

I’ve had people approach me and say, “John, full-time Online Filipino Specialists have the same issues. They work several jobs, even when they work full-time. How can you say this is better than hiring project-based workers?”

That’s a good question. Yes, some full-time workers have multiple jobs. But hiring full-time AND giving your OFS a good wage can help get rid of the problems mentioned.

The Preferred Contractor Problem

Good workers are always in demand. That’s why when you find a great OFS who does good work, it doesn’t make sense to let them go. They have a lot of opportunities out there, so it doesn’t make sense for them to wait on you to give them another job. They don’t need to be loyal to anyone. They can make more money by being a free agent.

When you hire a great OFS full-time, they’re locked in. Because they’re employed full-time, you are their priority, even if they have side jobs. They’ll value you more because you’re the job security they don’t have when they’re freelancing.

2 When you hire a great OFS full-time, they’re basically locked in

The Job Hunting Problem

Project-based workers are always on the hunt for the next job. They can’t afford to wait. If they don’t market all that time, it could mean weeks, possibly months, without a paycheck. If you have a family to support, that’s a terrifying prospect.

So if you can afford to hire an OFS full-time, do it. Give them that peace of mind. When they don’t have to worry about where the next paycheck is coming from, they can focus on working to earn the check they know is coming.

The Camaraderie Problem

3 The Camaraderie Problem

When you hire an Online Filipino Specialist full-time, they make an effort to be part of the family.

I’ve seen this with my team. I’ve forgotten the project-based people I’ve hired, but the full-time workers keep in touch, even after leaving.

And I’m not just talking about my OFSs. I mean my OFSss and local employees. They make an effort to get along because they see themselves as part of the same team. I don’t have to worry about how they work because I know they’ll find a way to work together.

Sub-contracting Work

One of the main reasons online Filipino Specialists subcontract work is that their current salary doesn’t cover their needs. That’s why we encourage that you give a good wage ONCE your OFS has proven their worth.

However, there are instances that some full-time workers still subcontract. In most cases, they’re honest about it. They’ll tell you right off the bat if they’re outsourcing some of their work and why.

When they do this, they know it’s their responsibility to guarantee work quality if they want to keep their job.

The Biggest Problem With Project-Based Workers

By far, the biggest problem with project-based workers that most business owners don’t realize is the turnover.

Hiring a project-based worker means 100% turnover in your business. It’s mentally draining and doesn’t ever let you get things off your plate.

4 It’s mentally draining and doesn’t really ever let you get things off your plate

Hiring a full-time worker allows you to automate tasks and complete systems over the long term. The time and effort you put into teaching and training are going to pay off. You can’t do that with a project worker. Any time spent training is wasted as soon as that project ends.

Plus, it takes the same amount of effort to hire a full-time person as it does a project-based person.

And the most significant advantage you get when you hire Online Filipino Specialists full-time is loyalty. It’s challenging to find skilled, reliable workers dedicated to your business. When you hire full-time, that’s what you get. When you give a Filipino worker a job, you’re not just giving them money. You’re giving them a chance to make something bigger than themselves.

Be a part of it. Hire an Online Filipino Specialist for your business today.


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  1. Lelibeth says

    Wow! I feel like I am the one being appreciated. I am just a proud Filipino here reading appreciation blog/post about my fellow Filipino workers. I think every Filipino agrees that when we feel we are loved, we deliver the tasks with great love too. It’s the power of a love that reciprocates and becomes contageous for it extends to family and the whole team. It’s a Filipino thing, it’s a Filipino culture ?. They are lucky to have you and you are also lucky to have them. Salute to the team. God bless and more power!

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