Humanitarian Projects and Entrepreneurial Triumphs: Shepard’s Story

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Ready for an inspiring tale that blends the world of humanitarian projects with entrepreneurial triumphs? Well, grab your favorite beverage and settle in because we’ve got Shepard’s virtual assistant story coming your way! The Backstory Picture this: A former police officer turned entrepreneur with a passion for making a difference in the world. That’s Shepard. […]

Cold Caller VAs for Real Estate: A Case Study

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We had a chat with Josh Heinz, the mastermind behind the Impact Home Team Real Estate Investment Company in Baltimore, Maryland. Josh spilled the beans on how hiring Filipino virtual assistants (VAs) to do cold calling reshaped the trajectory of his career, bringing in a wave of positive changes. Getting Started in Real Estate Josh […]

Hire a Rockstar VA in 2 Hours or Less! – Practical Advice

Hiring an Online Filipino Specialist is a great way to scale your time and business. If you’re an entrepreneur, your to-do list probably doesn’t end. Effective prioritization is one strategy that can help with this problem. However, it’s not the only option for support. This is where OFSs come in. They are a great solution […]

Don’t Hire a VA, Hire an OFS! (Online Filipino Specialist)

Six months ago, I started using online Filipino specialists when I talk about my team. Sometimes I still call them my VAs out of habit but I haven’t been comfortable with that term for a long time now. I’ve called my Filipino workers ‘virtual assistants’ for years. But lately, the title doesn’t seem to fit […]

What Can Virtual Assistants Do For You? – Practical Advice

It’s time for another practical outsourcing advice! This is one of the many installments for this series of tips and advice where I share what I know about outsourcing, particularly, outsourcing to the Philippines. So, what can Virtual Assistants do for you? I think a better question is: what can’t a VA do for you? […]

Where to Hire a personal assistant? – Practical Advice

With the pandemic, more people are working virtually. And they’ve realized that they can actually outsource the work that they’ve been hiring locally before. Nowadays, business owners aren’t the only ones who are outsourcing. The number of people who need an assistant is growing fast, especially because of COVID-19.  When I started outsourcing, I didn’t […]

How Can You Be Certain Your Virtual Assistant Is Working?

This is, perhaps, one of the biggest concerns employers have when hiring Virtual Assistants. The concern that they won’t get the amount, or caliber, of work paid for. Is the employee really working? Are they goofing off on social media? Are they being productive? Or worse, are they working for another employer and being dishonest […]

Your Filipino Virtual Assistant (VA) – 5 Best Practices to Boost Productivity

One of the critical keys for small businesses to survive in their respective niches is productivity. Small business owners often ask us: Can small business owners do more than their competition? Even with limited resources and workers? The answer is YES. If you have a Filipino virtual assistant, you are one step closer to achieving […]