Too Overwhelmed To Think About Hiring – Practical Advice

In the fast-paced business world, feeling swamped with tasks, drowning in emails, and overwhelmed by your to-do list is not uncommon. But here’s the kicker: Hiring someone might be the key to easing that overwhelming burden. When I used to think, “I have so much to do, how can I find the time to recruit […]

Why You Should NOT Do A Phone Call With A Potential OFS – Practical Advice

Ready to start outsourcing? When hiring Rockstar VAs from the Philippines, or Online Filipino Specialists (OFS), scheduling live Zoom interviews might seem like the standard approach. However, this practice often leads to several challenges.  Consider this scenario: you have ten applicants and plan video interviews with them. Here’s what frequently occurs: Some applicants are hesitant […]

Pros and Cons of Video Interviews – Practical Advice

It’s become increasingly common for employers to conduct video interviews as part of their hiring process. And while many people still wonder about the benefits and drawbacks of this approach, I personally don’t like doing video interviews. I don’t do video interviews when I recruit people. But I understand why people like them and continue […]